Walk-in Wardrobe Sloping – Great Tips On The Working

walk-in wardrobe sloping roof itself building

Build their walk-in closet in the roof itself

Do you also have these dark spots under the sloping roof? They spoil the atmosphere in the room and are just annoying. Stop it now! Read how!

By matching adapter, you can build your wardrobe in this slanted yourself!

The adapter to found on the market, adapt to any any tendency by pushing. Just like in the child’s play you can fix it with screws at the popular level. After you did this, you cut only the superfluous.

Then it is only, the sliding door, which belongs to these constructions, mounted to be. This is done through an aperture, which is inside.

Walk-in wardrobe sloping roof – installation

own walk-in wardrobe sloping building

The process of installation of the walk-in wardrobe.

Build your own can happen now step easily. The distance between each of the adapters varies depending on the weight and alignment. This should be between 50 and 70 centimeters.

You should attach next to the straight bottom of the adapter the barrel parts on the door and then the profile. You must now install the doors. The load should exceed not the 50 kilos per adapter pair.

You also have art peat guides for the installation. Usually it has a few to do so. They serve to avoid back and moving the doors.

Great walk-in closet set up

walk-in wardrobe sloping roof with sliding doors

Did you know that the procurement of more storage room in the attic goes so easy? The walk-in closet, you build can disappear virtually into the wall with a matching color. So, you have a great base for wonderful minimalist interiors here.

Or maybe you want to create a great accent wall it?

Because lit this place 3 to 5 hours per day? Maybe could you include a winter garden there? So many projects could arise here. Feel free to create your very own dream ideas!

We wish you lots of success and fun at the installation and use!

The wardrobe behind sliding doors hide

walk-in wardrobe sloping roof and sliding doors

Create storage space under the roof

wardrobe under the sloping roof

The small closet takes up many clothes

small wardrobe

Make small dressing room

Abdullah Lakshmi room roof Schräge

Even built-in wardrobe

walk-in closet

Adjust sliding doors to the roof

walk-in wardrobe with sliding doors

Simple and small

slanted wardrobe

What would you do with these shelves?

the sloping roof with shelves set up

Practical drawer cupboard under the sloping roof

ideas to wardrobe sloping roof

Walk-in closet without doors

wardrobe with a sloping roof

Make easier with a walk-in wardrobe

under the sloping roof of walk-in closet