Tinker Toy Box Made Of Wood – DIY Instructions And Ideas

Organizing and tidying up the nursery always takes much longer than from the other rooms. There are toys, books and numerous items that are put into practice. For this reason, many families put a lot of value on toy boxes because they have enough space for almost all items. So lost or hidden objects are pretty easy to find, thanks to the practical clarity. In this article, our editors want to present some DIY variations of wooden toy box, which not only provide for a larger space requirement in the nursery, but also serve as a beautiful wood decoration. Learn more in the following points.

When it comes to practical storage options in the nursery, there is only one solution – the big toy box. But large storage solutions can be crafted with a little inspiration and creativity.

Tinker and decorate the toy box yourself

diy craft ideas toy box made of wood

DIY guide and idea

Toy box made of wood is one of the clever ideas in the nursery. This does not mean that your DIY project should have a consistent and”boring”construction, but quite the contrary! The creative toy boxes provide more fun moments and serve as a beautiful decoration.

Since the construction is mainly made of wood, you can use various options that create a beautiful look. In the first place you should carefully choose the wooden boards. Traditional wooden parts or boards made of europallets are considered a good solution for the project. Since it is a piece of furniture for the nursery, it means that the toy box should be 100% safe for the children. In this context, the good processing of the wood is meant such as the application of fine and coarse sandpaper, removing wood residues and paint. These important steps are considered a must before engaging in the decorative part.

The toy box should be carefully designed

DIY toy boxes

Nowadays there are numerous patterns and decorations for the toy boxes. The colorful colors are among the most popular ideas and are loved by the children. Use spray paints and paint different elements, such as faces or simply decorative dots. The more colorful the elements, the cooler the look of the toy box will be.

An alternative would be to write down names or different texts that motivate the little ones to study. Think of a clever idea that could also play an important role throughout the interior of the nursery.

Decorate the toy box to your taste

DIY toy box wood

Toy box made of wood practical and mobile crafts

Large toy boxes provide space for numerous items and are considered a perfect complement to the shelves. Once filled, these containers are far too heavy for children and adults to carry or position elsewhere. Because of this, you can be a clever one DIY Idea use, which provides for more flexibility – the roles. Surely you know the popular DIY tables made of europallets and rolls. If so, then you can modernize the toy boxes according to the same principle. Four big enough wheels will be enough for the project. This simple solution will certainly make your life easier and make the wooden toy box more mobile.

Below you will find different ideas and patterns of toy boxes with beautiful design ideas.

Mobile and convenient for all family members

toy box making wood yourself

Design your own design

craft toy box yourself

The creative and funny decorations make for a better look in the nursery

DIY toy boxes wood

That’s how easy it would be to make your DIY project

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