Tinker Pillow Yourself In 4 Steps – Instructions And Tips

Every year, there are a number of alternatives for creative and atmospheric DIY ideas, and in this article, our editors would like to address the following question: What would an original Christmas decoration look like if you could sew festive pillows by yourself? You will find the answer with the help of a practical guide and a large number of original crafting ideas.

The Christmas decoration can always be designed with super creative ideas. The DIY cushions are enjoying increasing popularity this year. We would like to present this crafting idea to you, but with a little modernization, namely with sequins.

These decorative elements are used today for dresses, T-shirts and similar garments. You can find out how to sew and make festive sequin pillows yourself in the article.

Choose a sequin ribbon in gold, silver or similar shiny nuances

Making sequins crafting diy

Sew the pillow yourself with sequins

First, you have to have a material list available to start the project:

  • For the front of the pillow: 19cm x 19cm large wool fabric
  • For the back: 2 pieces 19cm x 19cm quilted fabric
  • Tape measure, scissors and pins
  • Thread in a matching color of your choice
  • Expression of the texture
  • Permanent tissue adhesive
  • Sequins band in gold

Make sequins top yourself

Step 1: First, prepare the envelope for the pillow carefully. The front and back should be a total of 19cm x 19cm, then this size is considered classic and suitable for the majority of throw pillows. Cut an exact rectangle with the scissors.

19 centimeters are considered one of the classic length

Cushion sew yourself sequins craft ideas diy

Step 2: The quilted fabric plays an important role and the 2 pieces are used for the back and also as upholstery in the inside. The pillowcase should be designed as qualitatively as possible and for this reason you should put a lot of value on the edges. Sew the entire circumference with about 0.5cm seam allowance. Be especially careful and focused when sewing and avoid injuries in any case.

The edges should be handled very carefully

Sequin pillow diy craft set

Sew the quilted fabric

Sew Christmas decoration pillow yourself

Step 3: After you have finished the cover, the decorative part comes, namely the tinkering of the texture. Print a festive text such as”Merry Christmas”or something similar, because that will be the background for the sequin band. There is a gold band in the material list, but you can choose a different color according to your individual taste.

The expression for the texture should fit on the cushion surface. Leave about 2 to 3 cm from the edge.

The main thing is shiny and attractive

attractive instruction Christmas decoration pillows sew themselves

Step 4: You must draw the font yourself with the help of a pencil and then use the sequin ribbon to create an exact texture. The tape can only be tinkered stable with the permanent tissue adhesive. Draw the individual letters and then carefully attach the sequins. When you are done with the whole texture, you should let it dry out for about 15 to 20 minutes. Use your fingers to adjust the text exactly. The end result will positively enhance your living room and lounge!

Pencil, tissue glue and sequin tape ensure an exact texture

cool christmas decoration pillows sew themselves

With fingers you can better position the sequins

sewing gold christmas decoration pillow yourself

Alternative DIY ideas for pillows

Textures, quotes and phrases are among the trends in wall decor and as decorative elements. Sequins are certainly one of the latest trends, but there are alternatives that are also among the practical crafting ideas with cushions. Very often the pillows are oppressed with individual shapes, figures and pictures. The great motifs create a festive mood and also fit as a gift.

Another way to make your own designs is to sew the 3D shapes yourself and give them an attractive look. Little Christmas socks are perfect for you, but you should use smaller socks than 19 cm. Children’s size Christmas socks can be the perfect solution for this DIY crafting idea.

Attractive impressions make for a festive mood

Sequins pillows diy crafting instruction

Still no suitable variant for your DIY ideas for pillows found? Then browse our current picture gallery with the newest ideas for Christmas decoration! We wish you a lot of fun!

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