Shiitake Mushrooms – Healthy Properties And Preparation

The shiitake mushrooms have been bred in Japan for more than 3000 years. These fungi were widely used in the treatment of diabetes. After recent research, it has been found that these fungi can immensely promote our immune system. Historical sources prove that already half a millennium ago the MIN dynasty used them for professional purposes. Officially, shiitake mushrooms are known in Japan as a medicine for stomach cancer. In the US, it has been found that with the help of these you can protect the soldiers from radiation. So we can be happy that we can normally buy and eat this product on the market.

Shiitake mushrooms can be prepared in various ways

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Here are the key benefits of shiitake mushrooms at a glance:

  • They promote the immune system;
  • They have strong healing properties in malignant tumors, can be of great support to patients during and after chemotherapy;
  • The Shiitake mushrooms contain many healthy Omega 3 acids and other active ingredients that substantially reduce the content of fat in the blood;
  • They regulate the level of blood sugar and have a beneficial effect on gastrointestinal discomfort and even colon cancer.

In general, the Shiitaki mushrooms help against cancer because they promote the production of perforin. If this substance is abundant in the body, it is a sign that it is not susceptible to cancer. This is at least the current state of research.

They are bred very clean and are therefore easy to prepare

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The taste

The shiitake mushrooms have a very pleasant, as already said, own taste. They will give any dish a particularly tasty aftertaste. Known is this taste among the gastronomic connoisseurs as Umami , It is also typical of other popular foods, including some other types of mushrooms.

With Shiitake mushrooms, you can enhance the taste of various foods

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The mushrooms as a spice

This taste comes from the amino acid glutamate. For many, this fact sounds a bit daunting, because they confused it with the flavor enhancer called monosodium glutamate. Along with table salt, he finds himself in many cheap products that are indeed harmful to us. However, the glutamate of shiitake mushrooms is not the same species and it is harmless.
You can get this great taste just by adding a small amount of the dried product. This is a kind of spice.

Noodle with shiitake – this is a filling and delicious product

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Preparation of the food

The mushrooms are very easy to prepare because they grow on a tree where no dirt is collected and there are no insects. Many recipe ideas will tell you that you need to remove the bars. However, that’s more a matter of taste, because many people like the taste of shiitake mushrooms.

Of course you can use shiitake mushrooms to prepare delicious meals in all seasons

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Shiitake bouillon

The classic and simplest way to prepare shiitake mushrooms is by cooking. Leave the dried mushrooms in lukewarm water for 20 to 30 minutes. So you get a delicious bouillon. You can add these as flavor enhancers to many different foods.

Here is a delicious vegetable mix that is enhanced by the umami taste

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