Pure Coffee – This Is How Painting With Coffee Is Fun!

In the morning, millions of people start the day with a fresh brewed coffee. Even the scent is sometimes refreshing and a few sips are enough to continue our daily routine. In this article, we would like to introduce a kind of coffee art, which ensures a great interest. We will talk about the so-called painting technique with coffee, which is a good alternative to the watercolor painting. Learn more about the topic in the following paragraphs.

The art of coffee could look so beautiful

coffee art (13)

How do you create the coffee art effect?

Experts categorize this coffee-painting technique into watercolor painting and recommend the use of special materials. First, some brushes are needed and watercolor paper. Water and instant coffee are then blended to create a perfect coffee painting.

Do you love the abstract painting?

If so, then you will get the chance to paint beautiful lines with the brush. Light movements will give the painting an abstract appearance.

Use a painting to depict emotions

coffee art (11)

No good art skills? No problem!

The cool motives with coffee are created down to the details. Unfortunately, many people do not have a good knowledge of the arts and can not reach a satisfactory end result. This step could be simplified thanks to a clever idea. First, you should print out any sketch. This template will play a big role in the project because the printed contours will give you a good start. You can emphasize the important lines of the drawing with a pencil.

After you have already selected a specific template, you can proceed with the next steps. Small brushes and 10 to 20 ml of coffee are needed for a creative peojekt. A coffee cup is also needed. The reason for this is that more than 80% of the sketches present a visual effect. At first glance, it should look like you’ve spilled coffee on the sheet and turned it into a unique painting. For this reason, you should leave the cup on the sheet and then paint the individual lines. Using very small brushes you get the chance to represent tiny figures.

The template will help you very much. Take this opportunity!

coffee art (12)

A coffee-art image consists of several figures such as persons, animals, nature motives or emotions in the form of figures can be represented in this way. Feelings of love are repeatedly expressed by human figures. In our picture gallery you will find many ideas for it.

Let the last sip of coffee! This could result in a magical drawing.

coffee art (7)

Each figure should be presented in detail. Use small brushes to create the effect.

coffee art (6)

Do not forget the template. So you will draw the individual figures better.

coffee art (4)

To paint the coffee cup a whole city? Sounds interesting!

coffee art (5)

Each drawing is represented with a lot of creativity.

coffee art (3)

Kaffeekunst Drawing with figures reminiscent of a fairytale.

coffee art (2)

A creative drawing could consist of people, animals or even historical buildings.

coffee art (1)
coffee art (18)

coffee art (17)

coffee art (16)

coffee art (15)

coffee art (14)

coffee art (10)

coffee art (18)

coffee art (17)

coffee art (14)

coffee art (9)

coffee art (8)