Paint Stones: 111 New DIY Ideas And Motifs

Paint stones – a hobby that makes the design of a seasonal decoration, magnets and beautiful gifts. The crafting time with creative ideas has always been fun and in this article we would like to get a little deeper into the topic. The stones offer numerous design options, which you can experiment with.

Clever and creative paint the stones

superman diy crafting ideas stones painted children

Instructions – practical and clever

The very first step is finding the perfect stones. The smooth and rounded surfaces are considered a must. The rough spots cause more and more difficulties in painting. For this reason, it is worthwhile to carefully select the perfect stones. On the beach or in the park you will find many matching variants with different sizes.

The search for these natural materials is really fun. Invite friends and acquaintances and enjoy collecting stones. However, caution is advised here: many parks prohibit this activity, so it is best to inquire in advance whether you are allowed to take stones from the park or not.

If you have already carefully selected the stones, then you should make sure that they are clean and smooth. Wipe them with water and do a final”check”before you start painting. Stones rough surface could be sanded down very practically with sandpaper. Much of our ideas in the article are beautiful and elegant DIY projects that are a bit more difficult to paint. For this reason it is recommended to test your project on paper. So you have the chance to make changes that can improve the design.

Once you’ve thought through all the details, you’ll need different designs that will inspire you. In the next point we will present the individual motifs in more detail.

The DIY project is fun and perfect as a decoration

Cool stones paint pictures creatively

Motives and designs

Every design counts as elegant, individual and unique, the main thing is colorful! The colorful ones DIY projects are considered the most popular design idea for stones. Since many people have no prior knowledge of painting, there are interesting alternatives that make for a cool look. Points, lines and geometric figures are very easy to draw. A mix of cool, water-based colors makes simple stone painting an exclusive stone art.

Top 5 motifs include cars, mandala elements, animals, panoramic images and creative logos. In this context, we can say that the animal motifs are among the most popular ideas. Cats, birds and dogs are an inseparable part of this stone art because these elements are easy to draw and are loved by all, especially children.

The 101 ideas will provide you with the perfect inspiration for your next DIY project!

Make creative figures and enjoy the designs

drawing stones painted set

Paint car stones

Mandala motifs with colorful colors

Cool stones paint pictures nuances

cool DIY craft ideas to paint stones

Children love colorful animal figures

Cool stones paint pictures bird

Cool stones paint pictures

The colorful stone sets form a design highlight

Designs stones painted motifs

DIY craft ideas stones painted cars

You can use your own house as a template

DIY craft ideas stones painted house

DIY craft ideas stones painted kids panda

Creative stones are among the trends

DIY craft ideas stones painted MM creative

DIY craft ideas stones painted season

Sunset and sea are presented here elegantly

DIY craft ideas stones painted sunset sea

DIY crafting ideas stones painted animals bird

Cat motifs with acrylic paints are among the best DIY ideas

Cat DIY Crafting Stones Paint Children

Cats Animals DIY Craft Ideas Painting Stones

Paint stones and create beautiful figures

children crafts DIY craft ideas to paint stones

children's designs stones painted motifs

Mandala motifs give a unique look

Mandala stones painted set

Perfect DIY craft ideas to paint stones

Can you draw horses well? If so, then give the stones momentum

Project diy stones painted animals horse

dots colors DIY Craft Ideas Painting stones

Seasonal ideas will improve the atmosphere

stones bumper car motive

Paint stones pictures

Realistic drawing of flamingo

Stones painted faces flamingo

Painted stones set house

The combination of creativity and colorful colors is considered a must.

Paint stones set with ideas

Paint stones set with animals

Water-based colors will ensure a longer life of the creations

Stones painted set animals fish

Painted stones set animals

Kids love little mice? They also?

Stones painted set animals mice

Stones painted animals

Use original colors for the design


Text with DIY craft ideas to paint stones

Crafting time with children is more fun

animals designs stones painted motifs

Animals Dogs DIY Craft Ideas Painting Stones

Colorful colors make for more attractiveness

stones painted diy decoration craft ideas

make stones decorate yourself

Paint stones and decorate the garden elegantly

painting white stones decorating christmas decoration

Seasonal decorations and motifs are among the trends for 2018

Christmas motive stones painted Christmas crafts

Christmas presents stones painted Christmas crafts

Painted stones have an energized effect

christmas decoration stones painted decorate christmas

Christmas decoration ideas stones painted Christmas Bastine line

Use the motifs as inspiration for your DIY project

Christmas decorate Christmas ideas to paint stones

Christmas decorate Christmas decorations stones painted

Creative ideas and colors

Stones painted Christmas decoration - tinker with children

Paint your stones yourself making Christmas decorations yourself

Create an individual decoration

stones painted christmas decorate cool craft ideas

paint snowflakes painting christmas decorations stones

Combine the colors strategically

crib itself make stones paint


Stones on the beach or boulders provide a perfect shape

stone-painting-simple-craft ideas-craft tips

stone-painting-cool-craft ideas-craft tips

Start by drawing the contours first

stone-painting-craft tips-painted Stones

simple-craft ideas-stones-paint-craft ideas

Use pencils or chalk if you want to draw better

simple-craft ideas-cool-craft ideas-stones-paint

simple-craft ideas-painted-stones-stones-paint

Paint a design that will be considered a decoration for every room.

painted-stone-simple-craft ideas-stones-paint

Painted-stones-cool-craft ideas-stones-paint

Water based and acrylic paints are considered the best solution

Painted-stones-craft tips-stones-paint

craft idea-stones-paint-cool-craft ideas

Test the paint first on paper and then on stones

craft ideas-stones-paint-painted Stones

craft idea-painted-stones-stones-paint

Acrylic sprays are considered an alternative to brushes, if you already have experience with it!

stone-painting-simple-craft ideas-craft tips

stone-painting-cool-craft ideas-craft tips

Choose creative designs

stone-painting-craft tips-painted Stones

simple-craft ideas-stones-paint-craft ideas

Paint stones and enhance the decoration positively

simple-craft ideas-cool-craft ideas-stones-paint

simple-craft ideas-painted-stones-stones-paint

The stone surface is considered particularly important when painting

cool-craft ideas-stones-paint-simple-craft ideas

cool-craft ideas craft-ideas-stones-paint

It is important that you enjoy crafting

Painted-stones-stones-paint-craft ideas

painted-stone-simple-craft ideas-stones-paint

The motives and possibilities for painting are limitless!

Painted-stones-craft tips-stones-paint

Painted-stones-cool-craft ideas-stones-paint

A mix of colors would be an elegant decoration

craft idea-stones-paint-cool-craft ideas

craft ideas-stones-paint-painted Stones

craft idea-painted-stones-stones-paint

simple-craft ideas-stones-paint-painted Stones

simple-craft ideas craft-tips-stones-paint

cool-craft ideas-stones-painting-handicrafts

cool-craft ideas craft-tips-stones-paint

Painted-stones-cool-craft ideas-stones-paint

Painted-stones-craft tips-stones-paint

Painted-stones-craft idea-stones-paint

Painted-stones-craft idea craft-tips-stones-paint

craft tips-stones-paint-colle-craft ideas

craft tips-cool-craft ideas-stones-paint

craft tips-painted-stone-simple-craft ideas-stones-paint

craft idea-painted-stone-craft tips-stones-paint

craft idea craft-tips-stones-paint-simple-craft ideas