How To Create A Fidget Spinner In Less Than 10 Minutes – Instructions

The Fidget Spinners have been gaining in popularity for months and the interest in this is creating a huge vertebra. The spinner is one of the anti-stress toys used to reduce the excess energy. The name Fidget Spinner Comes from the English language and means Zappel-Dreher. Alternative names are finger spinners and handspinners. The rotary toy is actually intended for therapeutic purposes such as hyperactivity disorders, but it was first perceived only as a toy and the interest was correspondingly low.

But on 23 December 2016 the magazine”Forbes”published an article, which the Spinners as”office toys”of the year has represented. For this reason, Youtuber and Blogger have started making videos that describe the Fidget Spinners in detail. The most popular variants of anti-stress toys are the tri-bar spinners, which have a total of three wings. At present, there are numerous variants, for example made of plastic, metal and wood, and the market prices vary from 5 to 50 euros, which is a wide range.

This is the end result if you carefully follow our instructions

Fidget spinner self build glue

But in this article, we would like to show you how you can create the anti-stress toys yourself and create an individualized design. You can create the final result within 10 minutes if you have the necessary materials and tools.

Perhaps the most important point of the material list is the ball bearing, because the properties of the bearing are decisive for the spinner.

The reason for this is that the bearings consist of an inner ring and an outer ring. The two rings allow easy rotation of the fidget spinner. For our project, you need seven ball bearings of the same size.

Obtain 7 ball bearings of the same size

Ball bearing detail fidget spinner

List of materials and tools:

  • 7 Ball bearings (Only 4 are used)
  • Silicone gun
  • superglue
  • acetone
  • box cutters

Fidget spinner build your own ideas

The inner rings of the ball bearings are oily and therefore the ball bearings must be washed with acetone. Before you wash the ball bearings, carefully open the lid with the cardboard knife. The next step is to connect the bearings to each other with a second adhesive to stabilize the construction. For example, to fill the holes between the individual parts, you can use salt for these types of cavities, because salt attaches well the compounds of the fidget spinner. The final step is to personalize the construction. You can then use bright hot glue for the edges of the spinner to achieve a personalized design to your taste.

Step 1: Get 7 ball bearings of the same size

Fidget spinner build

Step 2: Carefully remove the ball bearing covers

Fidget spinner self build ideas ball bearings remove detail

Fidget spinner self-build ideas ball bearings remove

Step 3: Wash the 4 oily ball bearings with acetone

Fidget spinner self build acetone

Step 4: 3 Ball bearings remain, because they are only for stabilization

Fidget spinner self build acetone forms

Step 5: Stabilize and connect the Fidget Spinner to a second adhesive

Seconds diy fidget spinner

Within 10 minutes you have a personalized fidget spinner

Fidget spinner