Handprints Pictures You Like To Make With Little Ones

Painting with fingers and palms of hands prepares a giant passport, especially for the little ones, who still have no abilities. And it is clear that they will become polluted, but that is nothing compared to the joy of the creations and small works of art created.

The handprint pictures stimulate not only the child’s imagination, but also your own. Every beginning is difficult, but with enough practice it is always easier and the ideas come as by itself. The most popular motifs are of course those of animals and flowers. On every occasion you can make great pictures and greeting cards with the handprints. These are the most beautiful gifts for grandma and grandpa.

Today, we would like to give you some hand-print pictures ideas that you can copy with your children.

Have fun and paint great hand print pictures with your little ones

Handprint Pictures: Painting chicken

Paint the palm of your little one in a color, Eg in red, and leave it printed on a white sheet. Design your thumb as a typical chicken head with an eye, beak and whatever else. Draw the feet of the chicken and the picture is ready!

Tip: Paint the fingers, each in different colors and you get a great turkey.

Elephant from handprint tinkering

Elephants painting

Stroke the hand in the typical elephant color (gray) and make the imprint on the paper sheet. Turn down the sheet. Form a trunk with your thumb, paint an eye, a big ear, and a tail.

Swimming handprints as a sea image

Swimming fish

Let your child paint the water world: blue for the water and yellow for sand. Paint the hands in any color and then make the handprints as you wish. Now a few details, such as algae and bubbles and finished is the sea picture.

Flamingos tinkering and hand print pictures

Something for bigger children

Flamenco birds are simply beautiful. But this picture is for the slightly bigger children or you need to help. First make a pink hand print on a white sheet of paper and turn it over. Draw the feet of the bird between with thumb and pointing fingers in the typical shape. Eyes, beak and some outline strokes should still be made. Everything else is a matter of personal imagination.

Many are the ideas and examples that can inspire you. Pay attention to the colors that can be used on the child’s skin. These should be non-toxic, water-soluble and absolutely risk-free in use. Such are, for example, acrylic paints.

Tip: Prepare yourself the paints. With some flour, water and harmless food colors you succeed.

Look at the next handprint pictures and have fun with your little ones.

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