Handprint Christmas Card – It’s Hardly More Personal!

Handprint Christmas card is given when you want to give a part of yourself. And you want that with the presents at Christmas, right? Making such Christmas cards is child’s play and you can also make these with your little ones. You will also be surprised at how many different topics you can do with this technique. Take a look at our currently compiled ideas! At the end of the article you will find a guide in pictures and one in the form of the video.

Handprint Christmas card to tinker with the whole family? That’s how it goes!

tinker christmas with hand-made fingers

Suitable paper and beautiful colors

If you want to make a handprint Christmas card, a lot is left to chance. But that must not affect the choice of paper and color. Above all, they have to fit together. One and the same color will appear differently on different paper types. When you buy something in the store, you’re happy to share your idea.

Let us help you choose the right colors and paper. Especially if you work with children , you have to pay attention to the health warnings. Also for adults Some colors can be harmful , But the little ones are very sensitive.

The structure of the paper plays an important role in the end result

new year christmas card idea

Diverse topics and loving messages

Handprint Christmas card sounds boring? Only someone who has not seen the various ideas on the Internet can claim that. The handprint can be a basis for Christmas motives. If you paint a nose, eyes and other details, you have a stag or a Santa Claus right away. Or several such. Fir trees and snowflakes are other themes that can be creatively applied to such homemade Christmas cards.

To personalize the Christmas cards you can use different messages. Yes, they can be very loving, playful and funny! The most important thing is that they bring joy.

The funny and loving messages will be remembered for a long time!

yellow hand christmas card idea

When and for whom is a Christmas card with a handprint suitable?

First, decide to whom you want to give away such a handprint Christmas card. This is something very personal and suitable for people who really care about you. These crafted Christmas cards are ideal for children. These can be distributed to several people as Christmas gifts. They also serve as a personalized decoration both in the nursery, as well as in other rooms. In all cases, it is worth having several such ready!

Here are the promised instructions in pictures and video!

The next four pictures: Great idea for Christmas card with handprint in three steps!

handprinted christmas card step by step one
christmas card with handprint tinker step 2
tinker a christmas card step by step 3
finished handprint christmas card result

There are a large variety of topics in the handprint Christmas cards

Christmas tree theme Christmas card handprint

For this Christmas card you needed two handprints!

angel handprint christmas card

Deer is a popular theme for handprint Christmas cards

figerprints christmas cards ideas

The hand for the Christmas card can also be made of paper

Handprint from paper to make christmas cards

The small child hand prints fit several times on a Christmas card

handprint finger making Christmas cards

Even a Santa Claus you can tinker with hand prints

make handprint christmas cards yourself

And some greeting cards look very mystical… but also funny!

deer handprint christmas card
little deer handprint christmas card
snowman christmas card idea
snowmen great christmas card diy
Christmas tree with Christmas card to make yourself

The bird is a great motive for the Christmas card

bird christmas card handprint

christmas card crafting snowman
make christmas card with a message
santa claus motive handprint christmas card

And you can also make other decorations with a handprint

christmas tree ornaments handprint idea