Glasses Wearer, You Should Know These 5 Tips!

Imagine that your glasses do not get scratches, slips and foggy lenses. It may sound unrealistic, but the following 5 points will show you how to solve your glasses problem.

Tip 1 : Let’s start with a common problem many eyeglass wearers have: finding the glasses in the dark. It is very often the case that we can not find our glasses, especially when it is dark. After getting up in the morning you often need the glasses, because the visual functions are weak from the beginning. In the dark you can find almost anything in the room is not easy and for this reason we have a cool idea. First, you need bright adhesive tape. This product is perfect for marking low-lit items. Cut a 3 to 5 cm long neckline and glue it together with the spectacle case. The tape will then glow in a yellow-green color. Now you always know exactly where your glasses are!

Glue and no longer look for the glasses!

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Luminous tape has many advantages

glasses with tape project

Now you know exactly where the glasses are!

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Tip 2 If there is a rapid temperature change, you know the unwanted fogged lenses. Again and again many people ask themselves: what can be done about it? The secret is that the anti-fogging measures are not as severe as imagined. In the first place you have to use soap to carefully clean the lenses and then wipe off the rest with a towel. Test the result in a pot of hot water. Hold your glasses 10 cm above the pot and you will see the effect immediately!

Eyeglass lenses should be handled carefully

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The final result ensures you the desired effect

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Tip 3 : Make your own glasses cleaner yourself? Statistics show that spectacle wearers use a pair of glasses almost every day. Our editors are very familiar with this trick and would like to introduce you to a simple guide. For the project you need a spray bottle. The liquid in this bottle consists of three products: ethanol, water and detergent. The first two liquids have a 2: 1 ratio. Three to five drops of dish soap are enough for your own eyeglass cleaner. Close the spray bottle carefully and clean your glasses with a special cloth.

When you have finished the finished product, then apply and clean!

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Tip 4 : You read a book or type on the keyboard and only one happens again and again: The glasses slip and the concentration is disturbed. The solution to this case is considered very light and many people are also skeptical. But the result is simply sensational and is repeatedly recommended by many eyeglass wearers. The solution is called”Eye Primer”or in German eyeshadow primer. You should apply some of this product to the area between your eyes and nose. Wait for about a minute and put your glasses back on. Test the effect by moving it up and down. End with the glasses slipping!

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Apply only a bit of eye shadow primer

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Tip 5 : All eyeglass wearers know the problem if the glasses get scratches after a certain time. There are numerous instructions on how to remove these scratches, but with little success. That’s why we want to present a helpful idea that works best for statistics. First and foremost you need toothpaste, which should be applied to the lenses with careful movements. Polish the surfaces within 2-3 minutes. Only then can you clean your glasses with your glasses cleaner. Use a cloth and ready. The scratches are gone!

Scratches off in a few minutes!

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