Fold Stylish Paper Roses – Ideas And Instructions

Paper or napkin roses are among the most popular decorations worldwide. The beautiful figures are increasingly considered a must for the elegant table decoration and count as simple and stylish DIY projects. In this article, our editors would like to introduce an improved version of the traditional DIY roses that create a unique look.

The stylish DIY ideas will provide a perfect look as a decoration for any event

Fold stylish paper roses - ideas and instructions

The paper flowers have many uses such as the decoration for the wedding or for another special event. Delicate shapes and lines are easy to tinker if you have a clear idea for the realization of paper roses. The suggested guide is considered”something new”compared to the classic designs.

The reason for this is that the materials are chosen very carefully, with a clear goal – enchanting look!

Make a creative shape with numerous pieces of paper

roses paper (15)

Practically and quickly make the perfect rose

Of course, the list of materials starts with choosing the right type of paper. Copy paper would be the best solution for the project, according to DIY experts, because it’s lightweight and practical. The thicker the paper, the more difficult it is to shape the individual elements. The watercolor paints play an important role in this DIY project because they define the elegant color palette of roses. You get very nice nuances with the help of brushstrokes. A pair of scissors will perfectly shape the outlines. Cut approximately 10x10cm sections of the photocopy paper and paint a layer of any watercolor.

A big enough rose consists of a total of 5-6 individual parts, which should be folded differently. If these elements are already dried, you can put together the structure. The petals are different from each other and the smallest part should have a cone shape. So fold the individual sheets very carefully to create a realistic design. The finished sheets can be fixed one after the other with the help of a metal wire.

The Aqarell colors provide an imaginative color combination. The photocopy paper is perfect for that!

roses paper roses paper diy concept


Do you like the instructions? If not, there are always different alternatives that can be used very cleverly. Or rather, you can make a very different idea. Choose an elegant paper type, such as matte or glossy textured paper. The colorful elements can be beautifully combined with wedding decorations. The design of paper roses depends a lot on your own taste. Round shapes are also among the most popular DIY projects because they have a low level of difficulty. In the next picture these shapes are perfectly represented.

Make a lot of roses quickly and easily

roses paper dreamlike design roses paper

Watercolors make for a unique look, right?

roses paper art with colors

The best table decoration made of paper? Decide for yourself!

roses paper roses paper dreamlike design

Make the cool flowers step by step

red roses creative shape create roses paper DIY

Extra large paper flowers are perfect for the wedding table decoration

tips roses paper art with colors

Roses made of napkins are among the classic ideas

blue appearance roses paper DIY

Make flower bouquet completely out of paper flowers? Why not?

DIY design of shapes roses paper

Make the roses out of paper step by step

DIY ideas to make your own roses paper roses paper

Numerous colored roses form a beautiful overall picture

Appearance roses paper DIY door roses folding

A stylish vase would be the perfect complement to the DIY project

Appearance roses paper DIY

The size of the rose depends on your taste

color design roses paper DIY

Make a realistic shape yourself

Create creative shape roses paper DIY roses

Give your table a stylish DIY decoration

Create creative shape roses paper DIY

Put a lot of emphasis on the details

roses paper DIY ideas to make your own roses paper

Blue creative shape create roses paper DIY

design color design roses paper DIY

DIY design of shapes roses paper ideas