Easter Decor Crafts – Creative Ideas For Do It Yourself

Easter decor craft eggs painting

Easter decor crafts – creative ideas with Easter eggs

Easter is the most beautiful Festival in the spring and made us much joy and good mood. To paint Easter eggs is really fun and allows us to unleash our creativity.

Easter is no longer only a religious celebration, but a beautiful cause to spend pleasant time with the whole family and together to search for the hidden eggs from the Easter Bunny .

Of course we must ensure in advance, that are many beautifully painted and fun decorated Easter eggs available. We paint the first egg in beautiful vibrant Red clear and then we do something unconventional. Look at the following creative ideas and if you like them, you can do this. Be patient and experiment. A guarantee of success.

Craft ideas for Easter

Easter decor craft eggs chain jewelry

First the necessary materials:

1. eggs – the more, the better. Different types are desirable – both eggs and blown quail eggs, as even wood and plastic eggs

2. brushes

3. Mod Podge napkin glue

4. thread or yarn

5. needle

6 gold, copper or silver foil

7 self-marking marking pen

8 wax crayons, or chalk

9 letters stickers

10 glue

11 colors

Make Easter eggs this year something differentEaster decor craft eggs painting creative ideas

The first egg in the picture above is wrapped in yarn. Take thread (or thread) of your choice and knot the end. Glue it to the bottom of the egg and wrap the yarn to the middle of the ice. Then, cut the thread and glue it. And repeat this step from the other side of the egg.

You can easily do the second egg. Draw crossed lines on the egg with a black wax crayon. You can create a simple pattern with the white chalk of wax and then dye the egg.

For the egg 3, you need only a popular color and a letter stickers. Place the letter and paint all around.

We now look at the Easter eggs in the following image.

Original Easter eggs crafts

Easter decor craft eggs painting do-it-yourself steps

The first egg is painted with black waterproof marking pen. Draw small screech on the whole Eifläche. Namely you need patience.

Draw patiently small screech with a marking pen

Easter decor craft eggs painting marker

For the egg 2 you can use the mod podge napkin glue. Then you dress up the egg in shiny copper foil.

Proceed similar with the third egg, but when the glue dries, remove the foil to the egg middle.

And last but not least a time-consuming project – a necklace from blown-out eggs of quail. With the needle, make both holes in the egg and thread them.

Here are four interesting, unusual ideas for funny Easter eggs. Just after!Easter decor craft eggs painting yourself making end