Door Squeaks? Here Are Some Easy Tricks Against It!

A squeaky door can drive even the most outraged person crazy. The problem is usually due to damage that causes two wood spots to rub each other. However, the solution can be quite simple and fast if you use some of the following tricks. Suddenly you will notice: the door does not squeak anymore!

The right door oiling stops the squeaking

door oiling door squeak tips and tricks household

Oil the door

Try to oil the door hinges without removing them. It may be that the problem is not so great and only a little oil for spraying would be enough without having to take the whole door apart. Use a silicone or motor oil based spray to cover the hinge as much as possible and check if this has done the annoying squeak before resorting to another method.

Take a used piece of soap

door oiling household tips and tricks door squeaks

Oils with soap

That’s another quick fix that does not require much effort. Lubricate the hinges directly with soap. We recommend taking an already used soap as it will help you to get to the most difficult spots. You can also use liquid soap, but this will not lead to a permanent solution.

A miracle cure for squeaky doors

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Oil the doors with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise can do wonders for squeaky doors. What you should do is unscrew the hinges, then lightly grease the pen with full fat mayonnaise and screw the hinges back into place. Pivot the door back and forth a few times to allow the mayonnaise to spread well and wipe off the excess with a damp cloth. Already the door squeaking should be gone.

Drip the door hinges with wax

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candle wax

The paraffin wax’s petrolium-based wax can also help you eliminate the annoying sound of squeaking hinges. Light a candle to soften the wax. Unscrew the hinges and drip the liquid wax on top. Be very careful not to burn yourself. Bring the door back. Swing something back and forth to spread the wax. If it still squeaks, repeat the procedure.

Useful not only for the cooking pots

Tips and tricks household door oiling door squeaks

Clean with a metal pot scratch

The constant crunch of the door can be due to pollution or rust. If this is the case, only oiling will not be enough. Then you should first clean the hinges well. You can do this using a metal pot scraper and a scouring agent. Then oil with one of the above methods and put the door back in its place.

Do not twitch any more when the door squeaks! Put an end to this annoying noise with our tricks!

Find out exactly where it squeaks

door squeaks diy projects door oiling

Door squeaks? Take the door apart

diy projects door squeaks

Coconut oil can also be used for oiling

door squeaks door oiling tips and tricks household

You can also swap the hinges completely

Tips and tricks household door squeaks

The hinge pins should be cleaned

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Stop the squeaking of the doors

Also the cabinet doors can be oiled with the same methods

Door squeaks tips and tricks household