DIY Weihnachtsdeko- And Gift: Also Suitable For Crafting With Children!

Christmas can be the biggest joy of the year. At the same time it can cause a lot of stress in the family. If you want to enjoy festive atmosphere at home, you need great decoration and usually many gifts , The whole thing gets even more stressful if you want to invite people home. All the unpleasant tension can be avoided by making DIY Christmas decorations and gifts a hobby. We have put together some ideas for you. They are traditional and simple, but they fit in well in different styles. Most of them are also very suitable for crafting with children.

Such a DIY Christmas decoration is unusual and stylish at the same time

tinker with kids ball with snow

DIY Christmas decoration with glass balls

The glass balls are a traditional DIY Christmas decoration. However, the various elements that can be integrated into it make possible a variety of interpretations. In the next example, we see the artificial”remains”of a snowman. So you left room for humor and imagination.

With glass balls for the Christmas tree, you can also realize your very own ideas. Most are also suitable for Christmas presents.

Such a Christmas door decoration you can easily tinker yourself

tinker with children christmas in the family

Make a great door wreath

Even if you have a festive wreath on every door, that would not be too much. You can also realize this kind of Christmas decoration yourself and even tinker with your children. The following DIY idea of ​​Christmas balls is simple, cheap and at the same time very shiny and effective.

DIY advent calendars are also a great decoration for the party

diy christmas decoration

Make original advent calendars

Original Advent calendars are extremely popular among practical people with a minimalist attitude. They serve as jewelry and are a great occupation that makes Christmas in the family something special. There is hardly anything better when it comes to the DIY Christmas decoration.

You can make this fabulous Christmas decoration yourself and spice up a modern apartment

diy christmas decorations

Great Christmas decoration in glass

When it comes to Christmas decoration, you can not neglect the ideas in glass. Gladly you represent in these beautiful snowscapes. Different materials are used, which are reminiscent of snow. Through different gifts of nature, such as acorns or pieces of wood can represent the winter forest. The following homemade idea would be perfect for minimalist decoration. It would also be something that could easily be distributed as a gift.

DIY jewelry for the Christmas tree

Somehow you want the Christmas tree a little different every year. Are you the same? You can also make this kind of decoration yourself. Below is a great idea with gems. For crafting with children and as a gift idea, it is also suitable. Such DIY Christmas decorations may look more modern or more traditional depending on the choice of colors and stones. You decide!

You can also use this homemade Christmas tree ornament as a gift

DIY crafts with children Christmas in the family

Feel the Christmas decoration with all your senses!

We conclude our contribution with a slightly”dangerous”idea. gingerbread and chocolate, as well as other sweets are wonderfully suited to spread Christmas spirit. The gingerbread is made into different figures and can be used to make whole Christmas scenes. Great chocolate figures can be closed in a glass, given away as a gift or as a decoration. With the right ingredients, it will not only look like Christmas at home, but smell and taste. Well, in some families, such deco ideas could disappear quickly… We warned you The decision is up to you!

Gingerbread decoration is a great topic for crafting with children

gingerbread christmas decoration diy crafts with children

DIY cards are very suitable for the Christmas wall design

diy crafting christmas

Decorated fir cones can distribute the children as small gifts

diy christmas decorations with children

Great DIY Christmas present as a decoration

diy christmas decorations

Door wreath of red balls – DIY Christmas decoration

diy christmas decorations with children

Elegant Christmas decoration with cones in glass

DIY Christmas gifts - tinker with children

So you can invite the winter forest home

Making snow in the glass Christmas presents

The sweets are also great DIY Christmas gifts

Candy Diy Christmas Gifts

Cardboard fir trees – great DIY Christmas decoration

fir trees paper diy christmas decorations

For crafting with children, these glasses filled with festive balls are ideal

tinker christmas presents

Wooden board with messages is a popular DIY decoration

making christmas presents with children

Fill a glass with chocolate and make a great decoration

Christmas presents crafting sweets

Such decorative glasses on the theme of Christmas are suitable as a gift idea

Christmas in the family tinkering with children

The gingerbread theme is often carried out in fabric figures

Christmas in the family DIY gingerbread

Great DIY gift packaging can also bring a great Christmas spirit home

christmas in the family great ideas

DIY fir tree jewelry or gift – you decide for yourself

making christmas presents with children

The decoration with Christmas balls can be adapted to different styles


Christmas gifts DIY crafts with children

Table decoration with ornate Christmas balls

christmas presents diy christmas decoration