DIY – Wedding Decoration With Pampas Grass!

Every day, numerous weddings and similar events are organized around the world, calling for ever newer ideas. Did you know that pampas grass is very much in vogue today as a wedding decoration? Yes, this idea might sound a bit skeptical, but if you read our ideas more carefully, you will not agree! Promised! In the article, our editors first want to start with a field of application for this decoration: the wedding decoration. Find out which ideas are in vogue and how you can make the unique examples yourself. Stay tuned!

An interesting decoration

Pampas grass as a wedding decoration

Time and again, millions of people choose pampas grass wedding decorations. Wedding arches and altars are more and more often decorated with the decorative pieces, because the look is very noticeable. A hot trend in recent years is beach weddings and pampas grass is best for this.

There are several colors of pampas grass such as: purple, pink, white and cream white. The last is one of the most popular colors of all and provides many creative uses. The floral arrangement of each wedding is very important and the shapely structure of the flowers is considered crucial. For this reason, many wedding agencies rely on the cream-white color as the main color for the event. The neutral and at the same time imaginative nuance matches the dress code as well as the table decoration. There are three creative uses for the wedding decoration – floral arrangement, table decoration and decoration of the outdoor area.

First and foremost, our editorial team would like to start designing the floral arrangement. An important advantage of Pampas grass is its possible combining with many flowers. The mix of neutral or bold colors looks particularly elegant and gives the ceremony a rustic look. Very often experts use the pampas grass as background for the colorful flowers, which is a very clever idea. Try it out and do not be afraid to mix the decoration elements at the wedding party with pampas grass. It is worth it!

Enjoy a natural table decoration

Our large selection of table decorations for different types of weddings is very large and today’s idea is considered atypical compared to the traditional trends. But pampas grass could make a unique appearance, because its extraordinary shape will be the real eye-catcher of the table decoration. Choose elegant vases in neutral colors or take them out of glass. So you show style and create a minimalist look, which is especially important for creating a welcoming atmosphere. Everyone knows the feeling when the luxurious designs often have a negative effect on the mood of the guests. We would like to avoid this. Thanks to the pampas grass wedding decoration, you can plan the perfect design for your celebration.

Creative ideas enhance the appearance positively

wedding decoration (5)

Make your own DIY pampas grass – That’s how it works!

Pampas grass could grow up to 3 meters and the tip offers different shades. For this reason, it is also suitable for decorative purposes outdoors. Rather, these decorative elements offer a multifunctional use at every wedding. The good news is that you can also make this”difficult”decoration yourself. In the next point you will learn a practical guide for your DIY design.

Similar to that Cutting the climbing roses You should watch out for pampas grass – clouds that have already been attacked by insects. Avoid these parts and check the individual pieces.

Dry out and make a decoration perfect

interior and exterior (2)

Cut the individual stems to a desired length and use hair spray to protect the feathers. Try to remove all leaves carefully to speed up the drying process. After you have”processed”the stems, it is advisable to store the pampas grass in a cool room. It is important that the springs do not touch each other. The process could take about three weeks. Then you can start with the decoration.

After reading the ideas and instructions, our editorial team would like to present a selected picture gallery. The examples are among the best decorating ideas with pampas grass, which until now were unknown to our readers. Use our picture gallery as a template for your next decoration!

Pampas grass can be beautifully combined with other flowers

table decoration (4)

table decoration (5)

Form beautiful pampas clouds

wedding decoration (1)

wedding decoration (2)

Wedding on the beach with pampas grass – perfect!

wedding decoration (3)

wedding decoration (4)

The flowers can reach up to 3 meters – so use this property!

wedding decoration (6)

wedding decoration (7)

The guests will be pleasantly surprised

wedding decoration (8)

wedding decoration (9)

Decorate the interior with pampas grass!

interior and exterior (3)

interior and exterior (4)

Organize perfect look for the outdoors

interior and exterior (5)

table decoration (1)

White vases are perfect for table decoration

table decoration (2)