DIY DIY Hanging Shelves – Ideas And Designs

Keep looking for more space in your home and creative ideas that are both attractive and space-saving. If so, then you have found the right article. The following DIY idea makes for a more spacious atmosphere, but at the same time for a stylish look. Hanging shelves are among the most popular ideas that play a multifunctional role with the help of a clever design. These pieces of furniture are among the sophisticated shelving systems that do not need floor space. Learn more interesting details about the subject in the following points.

Make a creative and practical shelf

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Design construction yourself

When it comes to hanging shelves, many DIY enthusiasts imagine the traditional floating shelving systems. But these pieces of furniture are very different from the floating construction, because this variant mainly consists of rope and wood. A positive point of the hanging shelves is that they can also function as hanging plant stands.

The decorative element is considered varied and versatile. Everything depends of course on your own taste!

The structure of the hanging shelf is made of wood and rope, and is considered easy to tinker. The materials are easy to find and designing should not be a problem. It is important that you make a hanging shelf that can hold your accessories and objects optimally. The stability of DIY – Crafting idea is considered the top priority.

Versatile DIY ideas

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Hanging shelves offer you the possibility to create an individual design. The color and size of the rope can be chosen according to your taste. Black or neutral color are considered the best options for the design, because these two colors can be very elegantly combined with the wood part. The wooden boards are considered the most important construction element. It is recommended that the wood is sanded and dyed by hand. Choose any color that will also match the wall design. Only then can you select and adapt the ropes. Drill the individual boards carefully and to the nearest centimeter, so that an exact construction exists. The individual holes should be a bit bigger than the rope. This way, you can easily set up the installation and ensure optimal stability.

Hanging shelves enhance the wall design positively

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Creative instead of traditional

Each DIY project offers you to experiment with different techniques and materials. Also in this construction there are alternatives that give a stylish look with ease. A good example would be to replace the rope with leather strips or old leather belts. This idea makes for an elegant look and for a simple construction. The leather strips are considered very robust and can be mounted very easily.

Think alternative and give the room a stylish look

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The following picture gallery offers you an interesting combination of DIY craft ideas. Design a stylish project that simultaneously enhances the wall design and ensures a practical use of space!

The craft ideas should be very robust and stable

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Vintage look is considered a classic among the designs

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Two hanging shelves create a visual balance on the wall

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Craft ideas tippshängend shelves

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