DIY Concrete Table – The Latest Trends

Concrete is one of the most important building materials worldwide and is used as a composite material. In addition, the construction material convinces with a perfect look as a decoration. It allows numerous DIY craft ideas for the interior and exterior. All our concrete ideas could be found on our website. Today we would like to introduce our next project, which is perfect for indoor and outdoor – table concrete. In the article we will present different designs that show creative and robust structure.

The concrete table gives the exterior a stylish look

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Concrete design

Concrete tables, with their natural appearance, make an elegant figure anywhere that can positively enhance any room. The tables, which are 100% concrete, convince with robustness and longevity. With concrete, many design ideas can easily be realized. If you prefer to make the table yourself, then you should have a proper approach and a precise design concept.

As a mold you ideally need an old and unusable table. The surface is polished with special materials.

Industrial Design Pure: A dominant gray color combination is one of the last trends

Malm Sofa Table Fresh concrete table in modern concrete look Design table concrete

Wood and concrete in combination

Concrete tables are increasingly being combined with other materials for a number of reasons. In the first place, the stability of the furniture is considered.

A trendsetter is definitely the combination of concrete top and wooden legs. This idea is considered extraordinary, but also very clever. This type of table is an elegant Belgleiter in the dining area. The table legs give the entire construction a clear design that has been starred from afar. The table legs made of solid wood ensure optimum stability. The material mix of concrete and wood creates a cozy contrast in every room.

A material mix could not be projected only from wooden table legs. Among the most popular ideas are the mixed table tops, that is, they are made of different materials. But these pieces of furniture are projected only by experts, because the construction of the surface can be difficult to realize without experience.

The table legs are increasingly being designed from wood, because these are called light and durable.

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Use reinforced concrete cleverly

Reinforced concrete consists of only two components – probation steel and concrete. Reinforced concrete construction is planned for the design of buildings, because the high compressive strength of the material offers many advantages. In this paragraph, we would like to introduce an atypical field of use of reinforced concrete: as a table design. Designers have projected a slab of reinforced concrete so stylishly that the design ensures a high level of interest in Pinterest and Instragram. The highlight is the atypical construction, which has become an eye-catcher with the help of an effective trick.

The curved iron bars of the reinforced concrete slab take over the role of a table leg and emphasize the unique look of the table. A solid wood is fixed from the other side to the concrete and ensures optimum stability. Above all, this combination of materials acts as an industrial design.

Imagine a better model for a coffee table? A combination of rebar and solid wood!

Table concrete yourself make industrial design

Concrete table legs bring a high degree of stability

DIY table concrete yourself make industrial design

Make your own concrete table using a handy mold

diy cement table table concrete

Coffee table made of concrete? An absolute highlight!

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The concrete look provides a lot of interest

optics industrial design table concrete

To design a whole lounge area made of concrete? The numerous design options depend on your taste!

concrete table garden decoration picture idea concrete garden

A large concrete table top visually enriches the garden

Make your own cement

Put a lot of value on the stable construction

make your own industrial design table concrete

The bent iron bars can be easily realized with the appropriate previous knowledge

table concrete craft DIY

Make a concrete conference table? Your colleagues will love the idea

table concrete concrete optics industrial design
Cool Betonmobel garden concrete service sd build with concrete garden design
make table concrete design ideas yourself

table concrete wood industrial design design ideas

table concrete industrial design design ideas

Combine the wood details with concrete

table concrete with wood DIY crafts ideas

Making work fun! The design gives the entire conference room a new look

table concrete optics industrial design

Thick concrete slabs are perfect for a coffee table

tisch beton DIY tinkering craft design

Put on an untypical shape!

tisch beton DIY tinkering craft ideas

The sharp lines of the concrete construction are a must

table concrete DIY tinker cement

Concrete and wood could have a 50:50 ratio

tisch beton DIY tinker

The perfect coffee table with industrial design

table concrete table concrete optics

Curved iron bars give each room a unique appearance

table concrete cement craft ideas

The concrete components are considered heavy, but at the same time very robust

table concrete optic table concrete