DIY Coffee Table From Car Tires – Ideas And Instructions

Gone are the days when classic coffee tables were designed as a modern and practical solution for interior design. Now a trend belongs to the most popular DIY ideas that can be designed within minutes – the tire table. to DIY Family of Tires is now also home to a number of interesting coffee tables that have become extremely popular in recent weeks. The models enhance the indoor and outdoor area positively and can be easily configured without prior knowledge. In the next few paragraphs, we will introduce a few effective tricks that will guide you on how to proceed. Stay tuned!

Creative DIY ideas with car tires

white tire table

Easy and practical tinker the coffee table

Summer and winter tires wear out after a certain time and often they end up in the cellar or they are disposed of in the recycling yard. But these unusable tires have many uses such as garden decoration. How about a creative coffee table? This idea can be realized without much experience with tires or coffee tables.

First and foremost, you need tires that meet your needs. Here comes the question, of course, whether you prefer a small or large coffee table. 80% of the DIY projects consist of at least 2 tires that provide an optimal size. The first step sounds rather boring, but at the same time very important for your health. Clean the individual tires with special preparations that have antibacterial activity.

The tires are fixed with silicone and a round glass pane is very carefully positioned on top. This glass could be replaced by marble or wood panels. Whether marble or wood does not make a big difference as soon as it creates a stable surface. Therefore prefer to rely on durable and solid materials.

The end result gives every room a nice look

tire table cool ideas in white

Marble or wood panels are considered a clever alternative

DIY tire table

Create luxurious extras

However, if you prefer a better version than the classic, then there are interesting tricks that make the coffee table look even cooler.

Of course, the aluminum rims are wonderfully combined with the interior design. The luxurious look of the rims is one of the best tips. Our suggestion: to position a cool aluminum rim under the round glass pane.

The classic black color of the tires is replaced more often by colorful tones. White is one of the popular decorations. One reason is that this color can perfectly accentuate the lines of the tires. The light nuances are used in the interior and exterior design. The colorful color sprays are considered an alternative if you want to make the coffee table livelier. Pink, red and orange will make your room look even more attractive.

Installing LED strips in the inside of the tires? Actually, this is an untypical idea that visually enhances the tire table. The individual strips are carefully mounted under the glass and thus ensure an attractive light reflection.

The colorful colors are inviting

tire table colorful colors

Clever use of unusable car tires

lounge tire table

White painted car tires are among the trends. The small wheels provide a convenient positioning for inside and outside

Ripe table on rolls in white

Experiment with interesting materials

tire table diy ideas

The white color emphasizes the lines of the tires

Tire table in white

Position the glass sheet in front of you

tire table interior ideas

Five tires are needed for a lounge area

tire table concept and ideas

Aluminum rims ensure a shiny look

tire table led design

Cleverly integrate Led strips and enjoy the attractive look

tire table with led afford

The car tires are one of the universal DIY materials. Tire gardening is also one of the trends

tire table with chairs
modern mature table ideas

cool ideas tire table

tire table alu rims