Design Your Own Rose Box Instead Of Buying It

Again and again we are looking for the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays or Valentine’s Day. A bouqet of roses is one of the most popular ideas. The beautiful flowers always look like a highlight in every ambience. But we have a better idea, which arouses the interest of millions of people today: the rose box: This flower arrangement is considered customizable and consists of roses of different colors in a luxurious box. Clever, right? The hand-set Bouqet delivers a unique look and ensures the perfect surprise effect. Since the prices are sometimes determined as too high, our editorial staff would like to introduce in the article a very practical guide that could save you a lot of money and bring more fun.

Enjoy your handmade rose box

Rose box gift for weddings

The Rosenbox make yourself – how it works!

A romantic floral arrangement can quickly become a perfect surprise when decorated with basic materials. Our editors have prepared a practical guide especially for you. Stay tuned!

Material and selection list

  • box
  • Black acrylic paint or paint spray
  • scissors
  • floral foam
  • roses

Choose a suitable color for the box. Paint spray or acrylic paints are best for decorating the under- and outsides. The black color is preferred by many DIY-owners, because on the dark background, the beautiful roses come out well. After the first coat of paint has dried, paint a second coat and schedule a drying time.

Black rose boxes provide elegant look

The number of tiles made of floral foam or moss depends on the size of the rose box. After you have painted the box in black, you can lay the individual foam bricks flat on the floor of the rose box. Use a pen to mark the exact size of the inside and cut the tiles out of floral foam if they are larger than the box. It is important that these decorative elements are not visible. They only help to arrange the floral arrangement and to achieve the unique look of the rose box. The floral foam tiles give the roses optimum stability in the box.

Customize and cut to size

perfect surprise rose box

Cut the roses with scissors so that they are stuck in the flower foam and only the flower is visible. Measure the exact length, as this step is considered to be particularly important to the project. After the first rose has been carefully cut, you can design all the others according to the same principle. The uniform height of the entire flower arrangement is also important for this DIY project. You may need to press the individual roses down a bit to get an accurate flower height.

Carefully insert individual roses

make roses in box yourself

So easily and quickly you can make a perfect gift with roses. The DIY project can be made even better by adding a unique color combination, texture or shape to the flower arrangement. In the next point you will find the perfect inspiration for it. Guaranteed!

The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

Ideas roses in box

Roses in Box – Which designs are among the trends?

Thanks to our instructions, you can make the box with roses yourself within minutes. Our years of experience with similar surprise ideas shows that more and more people prefer the creative and unique ideas. That’s why our editors want to provide individual inspiration to our readers.

Rose box with personalized details

roses in box of floral foam

color combinations

Designing the color combination to your own taste is not a difficult task these days. Roses and color sprays for the boxes in different colors are easy to find if you have a clear idea for your DIY project. Roses in yellow, blue and white have enormous visual potential and make for an attractive look. The roses are even more delicate and elegant in gold or matt black. Because these roses are not easy to find, you can achieve the same effect using color sprays. It is worth it!

Choose any color!

order roses in box

Personalized Gift

A rose box can also provide a direct connection to the gifted person. The more personalized the gift, the greater the surprise effect. This is one of the best forms of success for birthdays or Valentine’s Day. Roses in a uniform color, which can be distinguished from the others form any letter depending on your choice. This is often the first letter of a name, such as your partner’s or girlfriend’s name. White roses are the most popular decorative elements for the formation of the letter shape.

Individual flower arrangement for your partner

roses in box with name

Larger boxes offer more space for more letters, heart shapes or even small texts such as”i love you”. Rectangular rose boxes are best for displaying creative textures.

Our editorial team has examined trendy ideas for Rosenbox and would like to present the best designs in the following picture gallery!

Do it yourself instead of buying!

DIY - project with rosesbox
attractive look with roses

A gift that is designed with love

rose box (7)

rose box (6)

A new symbol of luxury

Rose box (5)

Rose box (4)

The rose box is guaranteed to fit in any interior

rose box (3)

rose box (2)

Matte black rose box. Cool, right?

Rose box (1)

roses in box

Rose box in the shape of heart

order roses in box

roses in box (20)

The color of the rose box can be designed according to your taste

roses in box (19)

roses in box (18)

Carefully insert the individual roses

roses in box (16)

roses in box (14)

Matte black rose box provides a positive surprise effect

roses in box (12)

roses in box (11)

12 roses and a box make the perfect gift!

roses in box (10)

roses in box (9)

Customizable and luxurious

roses in box (8)

roses in box (7)

Alternative made of wood

roses in box (6)

roses in box (4)

Choose any design

Rose box (1)

Rose box (16)

Gold and Matte Black – the luxurious color combination

Rose box (15)