Decoration And Gift Ideas: DIY Paper Plants For Children And Adults

Probably it is no coincidence that the most beautiful festivals of the year in the cold seasons simply follow in succession. If you can seldom go out, you put a lot on the warm dealings with families and friends. There are so many smaller and larger occasions for a gift! You have little time and you always need good ideas, so you can act quickly.
That is why we always write about DIY. We have e.g. already many Article about knitting released. In our article today it is about DIY paper plants – these can serve both as a great decoration, as well as wonderful gift ideas. Let us advise you!

This paper plant is both minimalistic and autumnal

diy leaf cascade on a table

Decoides with DIY paper plants for the autumn

Actually the autumn decoration is not an extra, but something you should not miss. It is not simply beautiful but helps our senses to recognize the beauty in nature in this season and to perceive better. This part of the perception is very important for the adaptation of our body to the cold winter days.

However, we do not always have time to go out, spend time in nature spending our leisure time, collecting beautiful sheets or other things and making them with them. In addition, with the gifts of nature, we often make dirt at home. This is a bit unpleasant for many housewives.
Alternatively we can bring the autumn mood with DIY paper plants home. Just prepare paper or cardboard in many different nuances and off you go!

Such green DIY plants would be a wonderful base for Christmas decoration

diy green plants

Decoration for Christmas

With each year it becomes more modern to replace the fir tree with other types of green plants. Artificial alternatives are also becoming increasingly popular. This is because fewer and fewer people want to sacrifice real trees on the occasion of the biggest family festival. After all, many believe the fir tree does not really fit into a modern and minimalist design.
For all these cases we can use the DIY paper plants in green for the festive decoration. These can be created in the form of a Christmas tree. It would also be possible to make various plants of paper in green and then combine them with decoration in red, silver and other typical Christmas and festive colors.

Paper plants made of paper would be great gifts

diy cacti with children tinkering

DIY gifts for (of) children) and adults)

The flowers of paper can prepare children and adults as gifts. With great materials and precise instructions, you could create something truly noble. DIY paper plants are a great gift for themselves, but can also accompany another one.
The great advantage of cardboard flowers is that you do not have to throw them away after a certain time. Rather, they serve as a great decoration.

These flowers from cardboard are easy to craft

diy big leaves plants

How to make flowers from paper?

DIY paper plants can be simple and elaborate. There are several tutorials on the Internet, which can be used as illustrative instructions. Depending on what you want to do, the approach is very different. For this reason, we show the following video about DIY with plants and suggest you to search for more such on the net. Hopefully, the pictures we have shown are also a great inspiration for you.

diy small potted paper plants
colorful cacti paper plants
diy cacti in different colors
diy small flower head paper plants
diy mexican plant desert
diy paper plants blue green
diy red plants
diy sculptural splendor
garland paper decoration
large tree paper plants
ceramic pot diy paper plants
vintage vase of paper