Cold Brew Coffee – The Pleasure Drink

Cold Brew coffee Is the latest hit when drinking coffee. Why do we like him? The answer is because this type of coffee is a bit healthier and has a better taste. For the summer it is a supercoole selection. Would you like a cold drink in the summer but also in other seasons that refreshes you? Then you should try Cold Brew Coffee!

What is Cold Brew Coffee and how is it prepared?

Now we must admit that the word connection Cold-Brew, which means cold-brewed in German, contains a paradox in the meaning. Brewing is a thermal process, but the word cold kills the meaning. Actually, this coffee is prepared with cold water. The preparation process takes a little longer (not less than 8 hours). Thus the aromas and the caffeine pull out better. As with other preparation methods, the coffee comes into contact with water. The result is a more intense, dominant taste. The benefits of this kind of coffee preparation are that the pleasure drink contains less acid and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 10 days without losing its aroma.

Drinking coffee enjoy many people

Coffee drink

Cold Brew Coffee has become popular first in the US. Brands like Starbucks sell him. You can also make cold brew coffee at home. Firstly, we explain the technology, then we offer you some recipes. With those you will enjoy a tasty coldbrew coffee.

How to make cold brew coffee at home?

To make cold brew coffee you need:

  • An Aeropress / French Press
  • A hand filter
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • water

We recommend using water and coffee in a ratio of 100 grams of coffee to one liter of water.

1.Smooth the coffee.

2.Input the coffee into the container through the filter.

3. Add cold water.


5.Let drag. (From 8 to 12 hours)

6.Play off.

The longer you pull the coffee and the more grinded coffee, the more intense the coffee taste will be.

An aeropress machine

An aeropress

Aeropress machine – other variant

Aeropress coffee machine

A French press made of glass

A French press

Pour coffee into the filter and add water


Use the hand filter to make cold brew coffee

Make coffee with hand filters

Here we have selected some recipes for you:

We offer 3 classic recipes for the cold coffee drink.

Recipe 1: Cold brew coffee with lemon juice

This cocktail is super-refreshing in the summer and tastes like a lemonade. You need:

  • 300ml Cold Brew Coffee
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • Ice cubes as desired

Cold Brew Coffee – Lemonade

Cold brew coffee with lemon juice

Recipe 2: Cold Brew Coffee with Tonic

This beverage mix will refresh and tonify you. You need:

  • 80ml Cold Brew Coffee
  • 220ml Tonic
  • Ice cubes as desired

Cold Brew Coffee with Tonic

Cold Brew Coffee with Tonic

Recipe 3: Cold brew coffee with almond milk

With this recipe you will get a very powerful taste. Fill a third of the coffee cup with almond milk and 2 thirds leave for the coffee. Add ice cubes as desired and so your cold brew is coffee bar finished.

Cold Brew Coffee Latte

Cold brew coffee with almond milk

Why do not you think about your own recipes? Cold coffee cocktails can only be fun during summer or winter.

Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails
Cold Brew Coffee Latte
Cold brew coffee with ice
Cold brew coffee with milk
Cold Brew drinking coffee
Cold Brew Coffee