Build Wooden Terraces From Pallets: How It Works!

The DIY projects have enjoyed a growing interest for years. For this reason, we have again the theme with the Europaletten, because the theme contains an infinite selection of creative design ideas. The article is about the design of different terraces with Europaletten. The information-rich construction guide gives you the correct procedure in the process.

Everyone wants a place in the garden where you can relax after a hard day of life. But this place is made of fresh colors, comfortable seating furniture and also elegant terrace roof , The creative design of the terrace also plays a very important role in the exterior design. With the help of Europaletten you can create an amazing terrace with the right flooring.

Enjoy the sun on your elegant terrace made of pallets

2 layers of pallet ideas and trends

The first thing to do is to get the Europallets. Here you have more than one option to choose from. On the market you will find new unused Europaletten, which are correspondingly costly for the entire project. The other option is to ask an acquaintance or to find a logistics in your area that gives the Europaletten as a gift.

As a rule, the construction consists of two layers of pallets. After you have the pallets, you have to cut the nail heads until they are below the wooden surface. This can prevent possible accidents in the future.

The first layer must have an exact and uniform height so that the upper layer has the necessary stability. Check the level of the flooring regularly with a water scale. Place a building protection mat on the first layer. The building protection mat can be found at the construction market. Place the second layer of pallets on top of the pallets and secure with long screws. This results in a very stable construction. A problem with the design with pallets are the wood chips on the surface. You can find out how to work properly in the woodworking process in the next section.

The first layer of pallets is particularly important



The grinding does not take much effort and is considered a must for the woodworking. Do not skip this step. The Europallets look very elegant in almost all colors, so experimenting with several colors is not forbidden. The last step is the careful application of preservatives. Smooth the surface of the pallets thoroughly. Then you have to remove the color and the dirt, so that you can proceed to the next step. First, decide if you want to have a more natural look. If not, then you have to carry out more complicated woodworking. This means that your next step is a careful primer with a foam roll. Allow the primer to dry well. The next step depends on your own taste. If you have a desired color in your sights, wear it with a small foam roll.

Pay attention to careful woodworking


Terrace from Europaletten: A real feel-good oasis in the garden

Terrace of pallets