Build A Simple Grill Yourself Out Of Car Rim

If you are reading this article, you will think twice about disposing of the old car rim. It may not be your car anymore, but it can become a focal point in the garden, on the patio and even on the smallest balcony. Get into one of these places and enjoy the pleasure of eating alfresco outdoors. In the next few lines we will tell you how you can build yourself a charming barbecue, from the old rim and Euro pallets.

Grill yourself with the following materials

Grill yourself build DIY ideas

Like all DIY projects, this too begins with the preparation of the materials:

  • old car rim
  • heat resistant black color
  • round rust with the diameter as the top of the rim
  • Wooden boards as a basis. You can also use those from pallets.
  • 4 screws with the appropriate nuts
  • a round metal tube
  • 4 wheels
  • 2 threaded bolts with nuts (for the foundation)
  • 2 large spindle nuts and 8 screws (to attach the pipe to the base)
  • drilling machine
  • saw

The manual step by step

grill yourself build garden barbecue yourself build instructions

build DIY projects barbecue yourself

Step 1: Separate the tire from the rim

Disconnect the rim from the tire using a rod that you can insert between the two. If there is rust on the rim, it should be removed. For this you can use special agent or simply Coca-Cola. Then paint with heat resistant paint.

Build a stable base

Grill yourself build a barbecue yourself

Step 2: Build the foundation

As a basis for the grill, you can use the threaded bolt to assemble new wooden boards or those from a Euro pallet. Make them rectangular or round as you wish. The shape is not so important, as opposed to the stability. Tip: To protect the wood, you can paint it at the end.

Color all metal parts black

grill yourself build garden ideas

Step 3: Assemble the main body

These include the round tube, the large spindle nuts with the associated screws, which are attached to the ground and on the rim. Also dye these black and let them dry.

Assemble all grill parts

garden ideas grill yourself build diy ideas

Position it in the middle

grill yourself build instruction diy projects

Step 4: Attach the base and the rim

After the paint is dry, you can attach the wood base of the grill with the rim. At this moment it is appropriate to attach the wheels to the base of the foundation. This way will the grill is much more functional and more mobile. Do not forget to apply the rust to the car rim as well.

Ready for grilling! Now all that remains is to place the barbecue in the garden, on the terrace or balcony. After that, you can surprise family and friends with delicious grilled specialties. We also have some barbecue recipes to try on our site. Enjoy the hours spent outdoors!

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