Build A Cool Christmas Tree Yourself – How It Works!

How can you find a stylish Christmas tree that provides a unique look, at the same time protecting the environment and costing 0 euros? Yes, the question is hard to answer today, but our team has the perfect solution for you – a Christmas tree made of branches. In the first moment this idea could sound a bit skeptical for many homeowners, but our years of experience with innovative DIY projects will bring you quickly to the fast lane this time. The whole process of creating a perfect Christmas tree in the short term can be found in the following paragraphs.

Choose a shape according to your taste

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In the first place you need models of broken branches and branches. The shape should be as straight as possible. For this reason one needs old and naturally broken off branches. In the nearby forest you will find enough shapes for the project, but you must also pay attention to something. Try to collect only branches that are already lying on the ground, because it is strictly forbidden to damage the forest.

Our top priority is also to protect the environment. Spend more time in the forest to choose the perfect parts. The search is definitely fun, so it is a good idea if your friends or family members join in.

Be creative

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The number of branches depends on the size of the Christmas tree. If you already have a clear idea, then you should go to the next step and start the design. Usually there are two variants for forming the construction. The first possibility is to screw up the small branches with a central, long and vertical branch. So you make a stable Christmas tree. If you have small children or pets in the house, we recommend this version because the stability of the construction prevents a high degree of safety.

Stability and attractive appearance in one

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Alternative to the screwing together is the use of a rope. This variant is considered a possible wall decoration for your house. The rope should connect practically all branches and with a small tip you will hide it very clever. In the places where you can see the rope directly, you can position garlands or Christmas lights. Choose the rope in a color that matches your wall color, for example, because the identical color palette will make the DIY project even more a design wonder. Your guests will definitely ask you the questions: How did you do that?. The idea will surely attract many curious looks.

With garlands you will improve the shape

ast design christmas tree

As you can make from old branches, new and unique designs for a Christmas tree you can find in the following picture gallery. We wish you a lot of fun and a wonderful Christmas time!

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