3 Cool Ideas For Flags In Your Own Garden – Men Beware!

When the wind blows, a flag will do a great job. She is a special one fancy garden decoration , In the own garden flags are up to ten meters height permit-free. However, the distance to the neighbor must be at least two meters. Flags are available in a variety of designs. In addition to country flags and football flags are particularly popular. Maritime design fits in well with the rest of the decoration.

The flags are a great garden decoration

Create your own flag flage de

Maritime flair with sea and pirate flags

It does not always have to Ceramics and flowerpots be. Even flags are great as Gartendeko , The classics include pirate flags. They are particularly suitable for beach chairs, small Dekoschiffen and sea sand in the garden and on the terrace. The themes sea, beach and sun additionally support the black flag with the white skull, so that it harmoniously fits in well. Even ship flags provide a maritime flair, without being as gloomy as a pirate flag. They often depict fishing nets or steering wheels.

Hang football fan flags

Particularly popular are the national flags of the national teams for the football World Cup and the European Championship. But even outside of these championships country flags make a statement. In addition to a country flag, you can also hang the club flag of your favorite club and flutter in the wind.

Design a colorful flag yourself

design garden ideas yourself

Colorful banners in the flowerbed

Also colorful decoration banners in the flowerbed are a nice idea. For example, a blue flag looks good on yellow and red flowers. So you provide additional splashes of color in your garden.

Make the flag yourself or have it printed on

In addition to flags with ready-made symbols, you can also freely design or print your flag. On Fahnenmast.com you will find the matching flagpole made of aluminum. In addition, flags and other accessories such as mast holders and covers are offered.

Choose a safe mast

Create flags print flags yourself

Frame the flag yourself

To make flags yourself, you need a flagpole or several of them. You can take some of aluminum or bamboo. How to make a flag yourself with these ingredients 4 meter long bamboo poles are ideal for DIY. Alumasts are usually between 5 and 10 meters long. In addition to a flagpole, you need a bunting, acrylics and ribbons. You can get the running meter bunting in the textile shop starting at 7 Euro. Spread the bunting on the work table so that you can measure it better. 50 centimeters wide and 2.5 meters long are ideal for the flag. Make a small cut, then you can tear the fabric apart. Use the hem bands to make the tabs for the flagpole. you see in this video ,

Legal regulations

Above a certain height, you will need a foundation for the flagpole approved by the building authority. With up to ten meters flag height usually no approval is necessary, unless it concerns an advertising banner. When setting up the mast, you must maintain a distance of at least two meters from the property boundary. Also to the neighbors at least two meters must be kept. Throw the Banner in the garden A disturbing shadow on the neighboring property or very loud noises that could disturb the neighbors, should you think about another place. Ultimately, mutual consideration is the top priority. If the neighbor feels disturbed by the flag, he can complain about it. This can be done, for example, with noise, shadows or even if the flag is not anchored properly and represents a danger.

Create banner printing yourself
make your own banner
make your own flag deco ideas