Thyme – Healthy Effect And Slight Use!

Thyme – aroma and health from the garden!

Did you know that there are more than 60 different thyme species? Many of them used as healing and herbs. This can help you cough and bronchitis. Now remember surely already: thyme contains very often in the cough drops!

You can back up thanks to thyme an immune protection and also on its strong effect against microbes. Also, do not forget that the thyme has a wide application in the hospitality industry.

We would like to even the Latin name for the very curious call this natural gift: you is thymus vulgaris. Asia and the Mediterranean area is called as places of origin. Cultivated this plant however was first in North America.

A long term use!

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The ancient Egyptians used the Spice at the embalming. In some cultures it connects it still with the crossing of the boundary between this and the ‘other’ world.

In the European middle ages, this spice was a symbol of the fierce courage! The thyme in water mouthwash is used since the 16th century.

Thyme and health benefits for the Konsumierer

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We have already said that the thyme has a beneficial effect on the bronchi. He still is a great help when you have problems with the stomach intestine system.

Thyme is also known for its effects as a detoxifying agent. This remedy from the garden is for example the so feared Escherichia, coli many dangerous bacteria, contrary to.

Health risks

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There are no serious health risks in thyme consumption known. This is true but only if you enjoy the seasonings in small quantities.

The thyme should be avoided when heavy bleeding or risk of such. Before a surgery such as you must eat no thyme (you should avoid all two weeks this spice according to some experts about!). Also one does not recommend its consumption with hormonal problems.

Selection and retention

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Prefer the fresh thyme before the dried. This way you can enjoy a more intense flavor. Buy no thyme with Brown, yellow or not fresh-looking leaves.

You must keep the fresh thyme in a damp paper towel in the refrigerator. The dry seal in a jar and can be stored in a dark, protected from humidity and Sun place.

Ideas for the application

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The thyme is very popular as seasonings in cooking. If you want to taste a food cooking on a high flame with thyme, then do this just before you remove the dish from the oven. Otherwise, much of the good properties of the spice is lost.

This is true both for the dry spices and fresh thyme leaves.

You can drink the thyme as a tea. Let Cook a tablespoon of the Spice in 250 to 300 ml hot water only for a few minutes. Then you let the drink for another 10 minutes. Viola, your thyme tea is ready!

Oil and tinctures from thyme are used in massages.

Some very tasty food!

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Finally we inform you on some dishes that taste especially good with thyme. These are for example scrambled eggs and omelettes, various bean dishes, rice and fish dishes. Thyme can be used to prepare chicken, lamb, pork and beef.

You can add thyme to taste many vegetable dishes.

We are sure that you come up with the time many delicious recipes with thyme will allow us. Enjoy this healing and herbs from our own garden!

A great idea of plants for the balcony!

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You can enjoy the medicinal plant as tea

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Prepare a delicious avocado-thyme pesto

avocado pesto live healthy spice ideas

Add a magic taste of pumpkin soup

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Prefer the fresh thyme before the dried

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You can taste different types of meat with thyme

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A healthy and refreshing drink idea

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Bake tasty and aromatic cookies to

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