The Mangold Vegetables – The Unknown Super Food

The healthiest vegetables – the Swiss chard

As we all were, is green leafy vegetables very healthy and rich in nutrients.  The spinach, nettle, Chinese cabbage and the dock are well known to all of us, but how many of you have heard somewhat of Mangold vegetables? Today we would like to explain love, why this is called the Super food…

The Mangold vegetables

chard salad mangold vegetables

The chard is very similar to spinach and other sheet beet vegetable varieties. He is popular in Mediterranean cuisine and its first use has been documented in Sicily. This is one of the healthiest places of green leafy vegetables, because it is a rich source of many nutrients. The chard is very impressive even by appearance.

Its leaves are painted in various bright colors – red, yellow and purple and are a real treat for the eyes.

The ingredients

mangold live healthy vegetables


This leafy vegetables is loaded with useful polyphenols, antioxidants and carotenoids, fight free radicals, inflammation and disease. The numerous health benefits when consumed of the mangolds come above all from the fact that the vegetables contains vitamin K, C, A, E, riboflavin and vitamin B6. With respect to the minerals it contains magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron, sodium and copper.

Interesting facts about the chard vegetables

mangold vegetable preparation mangold

The Swiss chard is so healthy, that he is grown even in outer space. This leafy vegetables is one of the first foods that were grown in the planetary space stations of the astronauts. This choice is not random, but based on its valuable nutrition profile, she was hit.

To go – in 200 g boiled chard you can find in the concrete:

Only 35 calories
3 g proteins
4 g dietary fiber
7 g carbohydrates
572 mg vitamin K
306 mg vitamin A
5 mg vitamin C
150 mg of magnesium
961 mg manganese
89 mg vitamin E
95 mg iron
102 mg of calcium

Health benefits

mangold vegetables Swiss chard salad chard recipes

The health benefits of the consumption of Swiss chard are truly amazing. He helps to regulate blood glucose levels and prevent the development of various cancer diseases. Improves digestion, stimulates the immune system, reduces fever and combat inflammation. The Mangold lowers the blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease, increases bone strength, detoxifies the body and strengthens the brain function.

No wonder that the Swiss chard was called vegetable Super food, or not?

The chard is very similar to the spinach and the leaf beet

healthy eating vegetables Swiss chard

Prepare a delicious Fritatta with Swiss chard

healthy eating Swiss chard recipes mangold genüse

A rich source of many nutrients

mangold live healthy vegetables

Recipe ideas to try out

mangold vegetables Swiss chard recipes

Consuming vegetables in the form of salt the Mangold

mangold vegetables Swiss chard salad

Lenses can be tasty combined with Swiss chard

chard recipes healthy eating vegetables Swiss chard

The chard is very impressive even by appearance

chard recipes mangold vegetables

A good idea for breakfast

recipe ideas cooking Swiss chard vegetables

A super-healthy Smoothie idea

smoothie recipe mangold vegetables

A tasty cream soup with Swiss chard and bread balls

soup recipe Swiss chard recipes mangold vegetables

Italian recipe idea for spaghetti with Swiss chard vegetables

cooking Swiss chard recipes mangold vegetables

The Swiss chard is suitable as a side dish to any court

preparation chard chard vegetables