Retro Design – These Two Color Palettes Are Trendy!

The word retro enjoys a growing popularity. More and more people are fascinated by old pieces of furniture, cars and interior design ideas that remind us of the ’70s or’ 80s. The retro-inspired designs are increasingly seen and cause a lot of interest. In this article, our editors would like to look at the Retro Interior and introduce the ideas that are currently in vogue.

Retro design makes for an elegant look

retro home design inspiration Unique retro interior design inspiration for your living room

Eye catcher from the first moment – Lila

The color scheme of each apartment is one of the most important interior design ideas. When it comes to retro design, experts recommend applying eye-catching nuances such as purple and violet. These hot colors are among the best retro shades, ensuring a perfect ambience and creating a cozy atmosphere.

These expressive colors have been used in recent years mostly in the kitchen equipment. But this year, the same nuances will also be used in the living room furniture.

Designers determined this type of interior to be too eye-catching and attractive. How do you imagine a few pieces of furniture in purple in your living room? Yes, it sounds untypical, but with the help of simple tricks this color could work perfectly. Do you like the classic chairs and tables that make a retro look? If yes, then these pieces of furniture would be the perfect mix for the colorful colors. A popular trend is the combination of Greenery and purple.

Enjoy the extravagant nuances

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Is turquoise the best retro color palette?

Turquoise is a very interesting color, which differs greatly from the other nuances. This color causes many discussions in the designer world. As a retro element, this color palette could positively enhance every living space. Because of the bright and fresh appearance and thanks to the attractive look, they can attract from a distance the new looks.

Versatile – this is the best way to describe this color. The reason for this is that turquoise is considered a major color for furniture, wall designs and even home appliances. The light blue look surprises pleasant and can be combined with almost all decorations. Of course, this retro look is destined to be one of the best designs for 2018.

Create a colorful look

In the picture gallery below, you’ll see a mix of turquoise and purple ideas for a unique retro look.

The light blue color palette looks so beautiful, right?

Purple is one of the extravagant nuances in 2018

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Turquoise Wandfabre? A perfect choice if you prefer the retro design!

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The combination of purple and turquoise gives a perfect appearance. The eye-catcher in the room is guaranteed!

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