Light Lenses By Kristine Melvaer – A Perfect Home For Your Jewelry

glasses green and blue light

Light lenses by Kristine Melvaer – a perfect home for your jewelry

Jewellery and small personal items are difficult to display without constantly thinking about dust. Some of us want to see even the valuable objects under a spot light.

Norwegian Designer Kristine Melvaer conquered these wishes in a series of funny glasses, which are presented under the name ‘Light glasses’. Objects communicate with us and the designers demanded precisely this characteristic of inanimate objects, to create the light glass family.

The light glasses on the shelves look almost mystical

glasses green and blue on the shelf

Each glass is unique and displays in different sizes. There is but they’re doing a special feature all the same size of the neck. Colorful hand-blown glass receives the pieces of jewelry. The glasses have enabled to place the elements under the spot light oak caps and fabric-covered cord. If you place these wonderfully simple light glasses next to your bed or on a shelf, they will be equal to a topic of conversation and they start a journey into the past with utmost security. Their apartment gets a very personal touch and is a popular place for relaxation and the dreams.

In combination with candles and table lamps – romantic and soothing

glasses great romantic lighting light

Little cute bird and wax candle in Orange – a perfect ensemble

light with a small bird and candle wax

Green light glass – close shot from above

light glasses green shown in detail

A great set of light glasses, table lamps and candles

glasses blue and green with table lamps

Wooden elements and little bird

light blue and green glasses with small bird

Green and blue – poetry made of colored glass

glasses blue and green all close small objects made of woodlight blue jars with wooden objects

A perfect light glass triple set

light blue and green glasses triple set