Green Living Wall Installations For Your Modern Interior Design And How To Best Earth Day Celebrated

Green living wall installations for your modern interior design

Every year, on every Earth Day, many of us stop for a moment and worry about the State of our planet. Some of us tend to make minor changes to our lifestyle and try to integrate a few “green” additions in our way of life. While the urban concrete jungle offers very little space for the addition of eco-friendly, natural delights to us, green living wall installations are a wonderful exception. With the amazing development of hydroponics and with the innovative new interior design, green walls are now cool and modern in the true sense of the word!

Modern living room in white with beautiful residential wall mounting

green living wall installations round pendant

These islands of foliage on terraces and gardens are no longer referenced. With a concept that dates back to the extraordinary hanging gardens of Babylon, you can add a delicate touch of nature to their own dwelling place. Here are a few inspirations, hopefully inspire you on the day of the Earth this year.

Green is modern!

Add one vibrant green living wall to their minimalist dream!

green living wall installations ground floor ergonomic armchair

The most modern houses seem to choose a half-minimalist look which brings together neutral colors such as white, gray and Brown. While these colors fit perfectly to modern design, that combines clean and well defined lines with slim and elegant décor, a hint of color is an absolute must. Why not the lively visual contrast in the form of a green living wall add? Rail lighting here further accentuates the beauty of the Green installation.

Beautiful green living wall with wall art for the lounge by designcanuck

green living wall installations all wall and wall tattoo

For a long time, the living walls remained an encore of the local gardens or the pool deck in the open air. Now, modern technology allows such wonderful supplements, a part of the Interior of your House to be. A living wall with track lighting and beautiful wall art illuminates, gives a relaxed atmosphere of the lounge. Everything looks so natural and fresh, and a perfect complement to the earth day.

Beautiful modern living room is an equally appealing living wall flaunting of RE. DZINE

green living wall installations billiard table In the foreground

The living room is a perfect example of the beauty and balance, which can cause a green wall addition to your modern home. The Green Wall combines harmoniously with the wood flooring, elegant furniture and stained glass Windows are floor-to-ceiling. Their placement next to the staircase and colorful presence gives this House its own identity.

Live-panel Interior for lively wall perfect for modern interior design by Mobilane

living wall installations chic white tables

Not only the modern houses can accommodate the living walls. They are very well used also in the commercial environment and office space. In fact, adding such a green wall on your workplace design will ensure that inside a lot longer being updated. Living walls combine form and functionality and help clean the air!

Living walls add a touch of color to a largely neutral setting

green living wall installations two white Chair

Green Wall designs and additions must be not necessarily huge. A simple and compact living wall like this is good for Earth Day and beyond. In addition to the white walls, the Green installation like this will be very attractive. There is also a difference in relation to the geometric design such as the various forms in the living wall.

Green living wall into a stylish modern home by Jason Lempieri

green living wall installations decorative plants in between wall

The placement of the living wall here is just perfect. The short wall next to the stairs will make sure that the Green Wall in the shade is provided, and the beautiful window right promises plentiful natural ventilation.

Living wall with small herbs for the kitchen of Bright Green

green living wall installations kitchen marble herbs decoration

This is an idea that everyone can try, between their own four walls.  And the best part is that you would have not only a cool living wall, but also a fresh portion of herbs! A smaller and more compact herb garden in the kitchen is something that the both manageable and is also elegant. He is not only pleasing to the eye, but could bring aromatic pleasure, depending on your choice of herbs.

Dynamic access to a static setting:

Add a little natural green to the modern bedroom by NXG Studio

green living wall installations coral colored bed rattan floor lamp

Not all of us have the opportunity every morning to hills offer views of the waves and the beach in the distance. For those who may not experience a living wall in the bedroom is a cool alternative.

Elaborate living wall idea for those who love the Green

green living wall installations white furniture living wall

A living wall, as described above, can work not good in any home. Fits when you have plenty of space, a high ceiling and undying love for the planet! An entire wall consumes quite a bit, and proclaims your Green idea in the world.

Download the living wall in your office space from green to gray

green living wall installations of classic conference table plant wall

Whether it is your home office or a meeting room in a corporate network, there is room for fauna roaring up anywhere. A variety of shrubs and interesting illumination make this living wall a large and impressive addition, making every day an earth day. They can incorporate a similar design at home, by putting them in a lounge area, or even in one of the long corridors.

Colorful green wall as art installation

green living wall installations romantic dining area colorful plants

Living walls need not to be covered at any time in green. There is enough space for more colorful and flowery additions. If you want to give your home a rich and vibrant atmosphere, then a green wall is an apt choice. Potted plants with various plants and shrubs also help to bring a natural environment.

Wonderfully fresh way to highlight the railing on the top floor

green living wall installations three levels apartment

Most people seem simply to wither away, letting it empty the railing on the top floor. It is in fact a little inventive and crazy, to add a new look to your interior. A pillow with the motif of the leaves on the living room chair is also a smart addition!

Great living wall ensures a considerable enrichment of Watershed Architects

green living wall installations noble wood and staircase

A living wall, two floors is high, needs a little maintenance. But if you are willing to try a little then the chances are equal. A great living wall like this is the “show stopper” your House and a big topic of conversation, if you have a party.

Use the space in the entrance area to add a fresh look by Dana Nichols

green living wall installations rustic ambience and cacti

The space in the entrance area is filled usually with huge vases or interesting artwork. A living wall is a beautiful and much more attractive option. Add one with your own personal touch and see the magic unfold!