20 Projects From Cardboard To The Do It Yourself – Be Creative!

off cardboard Bookshelf round original divided

Projects of cardboard for the do it yourself

Have you imagined what you can make from a cardboard box? No? Okay, I admit, I don’t. Actually until now not yet. But if you see the following pictures I’ve seen already, you will be surprised: what is actually possible. And I guarantee you, you will no longer throw the shoe boxes.

Make an interesting book shelf made of cardboard

do it yourself simply practical cardboard Wall shelves

These cardboard designs look so simple and gorgeous at the same time, that one is surprised and asks: “Why it never occurred to me?” Well, sometimes we need inspiration from outside. In this sense, you see in the examples below. Then decide what you want to start and get started. Make a picture frame or a wall clock. The more, the better!

A stable Chair construction made of cardboard from cardboard Chair highchair stable Papkarton

Artificial flowers to do it yourself. You need cardboard for the vase and flower stalks and colored paper for the flowers

from cardboard vase paper flowers paper

A Playhouse for your little sprout

from cardboard Playhouse kids pink Scotch tape

You could make even a castle for your children. Of course for this project you need more cardboard boxes and experience

from cardboard Castle kids playroom craft

Do you dream of a Nikon camera?

DIY cardboard camera decoration craft

The photos are done, now the picture frames are

DIY cardboard photos picture frame painting

Homemade hanging lamp made of cardboard box from cardboard lamp pendant geometric cardboard box

Draw a template and then cut them out

DIY cardboard hanging light crafting

And a challenging project for advanced users

DIY cardboard chandelier pendant Pink craft

Organize your desk!

from cardboard Desktop Accessories pen divider

Desktop folder for all the paperwork

DIY cardboard desk accessories magazines

For this laptop bag, you need something more than just cardboard. The end result is beautiful but

from cardboard laptop bag craft

A cardboard stand for your laptop

from cardboard laptop stand crafts

…und for your mobile phone

from cardboard cell phone accessories stand crafts

Original gift tags – very easy to do it yourself    DIY cardboard gift tags DIY

Did you recognize the paperback? He now works as a chic coffee tray

from cardboard tray craft pattern

Buy the clock mechanism and make the dial, from cardboard

DIY cardboard wall clock DIY

Save money and promote your creativity by tinker various items made of cardboard

from cardboard cat Papkarton