10 Great Designs Of Beautiful Drinking Glasses

wonderful drinking glasses alcohol ice lemon10 great designs of beautiful drinking glasses

When it is time to lift the glasses, the enjoyment is particularly large, if they appear in a beautiful set. Today’s our article modern drinking glasses with modern character created.

This applies especially to the pieces with interesting patterns, such as for example those with interesting touches, patterns, and colors.

I think you can have enough of them never actually. Even the most demanding fans can make their collections by bringing new findings.

How do you find these strong glasses?

wonderful drinking glasses bottle

Drinking glasses in solid forms

Now we begin our presentation with solid painted glasses without pattern. First is the classical findings for fans of the pure looks. Below see Marta bar products the 8 pieces set of the company CB2. They are super thin, a bit old fashioned and so cool!

Stop jerking you your guests with stylish glasses

wonderful drinking glasses juice

Do you already have the basics in your collection? Now you should spread with some interesting forms. The five pieces of the Archival glass sets of the company crate & barrel design of the 50s of the last century interpreted in a brilliant way. I love the variety in the shapes.

Unique pieces of glass

wonderful drinking glasses green

Etsy is a wonderful source for unique pieces of glass. There are vintage pieces and collections crafted by hand. You will find wonderful pieces from the past and new pieces, which provide for a real Craftmasskunst.

Great texture of the original juice glasses

wonderful drinking glasses blue yellow green

Below is a collection of recycled Aranciata-mini juice bottles. You can buy these glasses in a collection of four pieces. They have a light shade of green and the rough texture of the original juice bottles. They are perfect for gift-giving water or white wine.

Turquoise is a very current color this fall, and she was also fairly widespread in the 70s of the last century. Below we see an anchor gear collection of drinking glasses of the Etsy Shop. They call themselves vintage Biffan and add a touch of vintage touch in your glass collection.

And here comes the big surprise: these glasses are in fact from the 70s!

The glasses below are brand new, but they definitely have a vintage character. Here we see a set of Lula Cordialli glasses of the company crate & barrel. The individual pieces have been carried out in six different colours. You can buy them in a wooden box, and they represent a virtually finished packaged gift.

Wonderful Flamingo glasses

wonderful drinking glasses of pink flamingos

Patterned drinking glasses

Now we look at some drinking glasses, whose Oberfläche shows wonderful patterns. Here we start with a memorable set… We have flamingos!

After all the long neglect, are now the 80s back and take revenge on all of their enemies! In our example, this occurs in the form of this wonderful Flamingo glasses.

But you can find also such shower curtains, napkins and glasses! It brings joy, as these birds everywhere leaving their stamp me personally!

Golden elements

wonderful drinking glasses Golden

We want to look at an example of autumnal entertainment? This bar glasses of the company crate & barrel are sold separately. But you can make a common set it. Thanks to its golden and Plantinium strips also wonderfully suited for parties.

Have a party soon

wonderful drinking glasses

Want some more tribal style with some artisan Schick? How about these cups with pillars of the company glass| Wares. Actually we have here with bottles with truncated top part to do! Had you noticed this? You will surprise your guests in a creative, original way by such a collection. Tell everyone how you created them. Or even better – you have guessed it!

Do you need the perfect complement for a Moroccan food?

wonderful drinking glasses of orange pattern

Do you need the perfect complement for a Moroccan food? Order some of these glasses… It’s glasses of the company World Market a set of Marrakech. They were run in the jewel tones of colours red, turquoise and purple.

The ornamented patterns lend the whole a festive look!

At the end, I have prepared something special for the fans of DIY. It’s DIY Washi tape drinking glasses. Her colorful geometric look is simply gorgeous.  You can learn more details about when by Willma.

The colorful geometric look is simply gorgeous

wonderful drinking glasses red triangles

You thought that you would have enough glasses? Faith now, that your collection yet provocative could make project by a new purchase or a DIY and they probably will enrich, Yes?


Crate & barrel

Etsy shop glass| Ware

Etsy shop Vintage Biffan


World market

By Wilma