These Design Lamp Models Surprise With Their Creativity

Every day billions of pencils are produced worldwide, because these products play a particularly important role in our everyday lives and are used to write down various information, marking and drawing. But the pencils also have an alternative role in the designer world – the design of floor and table lamps. Yes, in the article you will see an atypical selection of DIY models and extra large projects with pencils that create a creative look in the room. Learn more about the design lamp models in the following paragraphs!

Unique and creative design element for every room

design lamp project concept

XXL floor lamp

Floor lamps always surprise the designer world, because the creative designs seem to have no end. Our first pencil lamp is a perfect example of this. At first glance, the design looks unique, but leaves many questions unanswered. The extra large floor lamp is over 1.50 meters high and enhances the entire space positively.

The shape is very realistic and provides optimal stability, which ensures a freestanding construction. This design lamp has a creative look and offers a good one lighting design for every room.

Artistic design and elegant lighting design

Design crayons Construction design lamp

Table lamp – convenient and practical

The desk lamps in the shape of pencil look very similar to the extra large floor lamps. The slightly smaller shape is perfect for office tables or living rooms that need an artistic flair. The design is designed so that the power cord emanates from the top of the design lamp. The manufacturers had the opportunity to hide the cable, but creating interesting shapes throughout the room seems like a better idea. The table lamp is able to brighten a whole room, but only if you position the self-standing construction strategically in the room. An important advantage of the lamp is that the design is very often loved by children and adults.


Bedside lamp made of pencils

A Danish designer wanted to combine two worlds in a clever idea and managed to surprise many design lovers. The lighting concept is mainly made of wood and the shade of the table lamp is the interesting element in it. It consists of a multitude of pencils that form a circular shape. This creates a perfectly designed umbrella made of pencils. The entire construction could be customized to your taste. An example would be the color design with different crayons, so that the bedside lamp fits perfectly with the other pieces of furniture in the room. The design is designed so that you can always pull out the pens and write or draw something with it. Clever, right? The pencil lamp also surprises with a fresh light accent, which ensures a pleasant lighting design.

Choose a popular color

Floor lamp pencils designlampe

Enjoy the numerous pencil lamps in our picture gallery. The floor and table lamps offer many design options and designs.

The perfect design element for the living room

design design crayons construction

Make an interesting design lamp with color combination of colored pencils

design lamp design crayons construction

The cool designs ensure optimal lighting design

Crayons Construction design lamp

Enjoy the creative form

Design crayons designlampe

The pencils form an interesting lampshade

Design crayons construction lamp

The pencils are removable and can be used practically at any time

design lamp pencils project

This bedside lamp looks cool, right?

design lamp crayons construction

The table lamp could look so creative

Designlampe Design crayons

design lamp wooden lamp DIY pencil

design lamp concept ideas

design lamp project concept ideas

design lamp floor lamp pencils

design lamps wooden lamp DIY pencil

Wooden lamp DIY pencil design lamp

Wooden lamp DIY floor lamp designlampe

Construction models designlampe

The design lamp is practical, you can position it anywhere

Concept ideas design lamp

So you can use the pencils too

Project concept design lamp