Great Multifunctional Furniture For Small Apartments

Our colleagues from the online magazine Have recently put together a great list of multifunctional furniture. They are super modern and ideal for small apartments. That is why we are happy to publish you here on our website.

Cortesi Home Savion Folding chair

Folding sofa bed Cortesi

Stylish and comfortable sofa bed Easily and without problems. It becomes a comfortable bed. In both forms it shows beautiful aesthetics and appealing optics.

Vegetal multifunctional table

Convertible coffee table by Vegetale

The construction of this coffee table by Vegetale looks very simple. You could change it in so many different ways. It also serves as a work table, bookshelf , Dining room table.

Daniel Pearlman multifunctional furniture convertible

Coffee table with integrated armchair and side table

Hard to believe, right? But this coffee table really has great potential. An armchair and a side table have been integrated into the living space. Both can be expanded if necessary.

Cabinet behind the mirror multifunctional furniture
Mirror with a different mirror and wardrobe

Compact and universal cabinet by Duty Box

If you are looking for a multifunctional cabinet, you might find it difficult to find something better than this duty-box model. The aesthetics seem simple, but at the same time somehow super modern.

Magic table and tablets

Mag Table

Mag Table is the name of the other piece of furniture, which is multifunctional and at the same time super simple and elegant. You can turn off your laptop or any other items. At the side you have convenient storage space, in which you can store books or documents.

Mirror with ironing board
Mirror previous ironing board

A table that also serves as a mirror

Dining room tables are something you can not do without in the small flat. But they take up so much space. This is of course not the case if you can fold the table. In this particular case, it can serve as a mirror at the same time.

multifunkionsmöbel-side table-coffee table
multifnktionsmöbel-herein are subject-side table-now-work table

HUK table

Also a brilliant simple design. You can use this table for an incredible variety of purposes: it is suitable as a storage space for magazines, bookshelves and stools. Do you have any other features?


An extra for the armrest of the sofa

You can integrate such an extra to the armrest – it serves you successfully as a tray or other device. You can turn off the coffee, the mobile phone and so much more.

foldable-table-to-dining table

Folding console table Drop Leaf

Here we see the modern interpretation of a very traditional design. The console table is very tight in our case. If stretched, the enough for nearly 6 people.

Three-piece table multifunctional furniture
Three-piece table now a shelf

A table of three modules

These three tables can together make a construction. They are suitable as a storage area or a great shelving unit. At the same time, they serve individually as side tables. And in all cases, they are a wonderful accent.

Bed in front of sofa multifunctional furniture
Gold Sparrow Bettsofa multifunctional furniture
Gold Sparrow multifunctional furniture

Bettsofa Westminster

This sofa shows a super elegant design and the perfect size for a small room. It is perfect for the narrow apartment or as additional sleeping space for the guests.

Ironing board mirror

Ironing board and mirror in one

Mirror is clearly needed in the small apartment, but rarely has a really suitable place for it. There is still a suitable solution for this situation: This ironing board is also wonderful as a mirror.

All the ideas shown here are great examples, which can also serve as a basis for the realization of your own DIY projects. In addition, it would be possible to order pieces with similar functionality or to be produced by other producers on the market.