Arc Lamp: The Icon Among The Floor Lamps

The arc lamp is now one of the most elegant decoration elements in the interior. It is considered an icon of the modern industrial design, which deals with the design of serial products. The classic in the interior has been extremely popular for years and enjoys an ever-increasing interest. The icon among the floor lamps is considered top modern and trendy for every ambience. The advantages of the arc light are not to be underestimated, because the extravagant floor lamp has a flexible and individual positioning and thus one can light up every area of ​​the living space enough.

The arc lamp is an absolute must for the attractive interior design

arc-lamp-stehlampe-living room

History of the arc lamp

“We thought of a lamp that projected light onto the table: there were already some of them, but you had to pass the lamp from behind. In order for the lamp to allow sufficient space around the table, the base had to be at least two meters away from the table. Thus the idea of ​​the bow was born”- Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1962

The modern floor lamp has however an interesting history behind it.

The light has been designed since 1945. The designers are the brothers Castiglioni, who together developed the supermoderne arc light. The idea for the structure and the design came from the street lighting. The brothers wanted to adapt this kind of street lighting as room lighting. In contrast to the street lanterns, the lantern is not firmly fixed to the ground and is able to illuminate several meters in the circumference. The structure is fixed with a heavy marble block. Original is the block with rounded corners and a total weight of 65 kg. The attractive stand consists of three parts that are telescopically inserted into each other. The wiring is also located in the tubes

This is the original arc lamp, which has been a highlight in the interior since 1945


Types of arc light

The elegant arc lamp is already available in aluminum, copper or painted steel. This living accessory provides a cozy and stylish atmosphere at home. The types of the arc lamp illuminate the rooms with a few hands. Before you design a personalized interior design, you first have to think about what color is appropriate. For example, the color tone copper is very popular with the selection of arc lamps. If you have leather furniture, it is recommended to choose the copper arc lamp. Not to be missed is the interesting combination of copper and light. The luminaire effect is particularly well amplified and the end result is a harmonized warm light. The variant from aluminum is in any case very great. The cool look ensures a unique view in your own four walls. The bowlamp Made of aluminum can be combined with the gray wall design and the wooden design

Combine the copper model with leather furniture

arc light-copper

If you want your living area to shine in a modern light, then we have 20 helpful ideas for you that are considered inspiration. Tips for the positioning and variants of the modern arc lights can be seen in the following picture gallery.

Position the arc lamp strategically in the room

3d concept of arc lamp

Aluminum models fit well to the gray wall design

Ideas arc lamp

The minimalistic facility is very current in 2017

Alu elaboration

Choose a creative spotlight to your liking

Example for lamp

The arc lamps are perfect for your reading area



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design-arc lamp

kitchen device-arc lamp

kitchen device-arc lamp-ideas

matte black-arc lamp

metal bpgenlampe-chrome

bedroom Idea

Arc arc lamp in black

living room-design-with-arc lamp

Living room ideas 20

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