Curtain Rods – How Do You Make The Right Choice?

The contemporary tendencies in the interior offer numerous solutions and options as far as window decoration is concerned. The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word window decoration is probably – curtains! Yes, these are the main decor in every room and the appropriately selected curtain rods and rails are an important detail both from a practical as well as from an aesthetic point of view. In most cases, we are looking for those that are practical and convenient to hang up and easy to handle. However, for many people, the curtain rod should look as an interesting design detail and bring out the beauty of the curtains even more.

Curtain rods for an effective and practical window decoration

Stainless steel

The following should be noted before purchase:

  • The windows are not relevant here – you always have to measure the distance from one wall to the other as well as the size of the window.
  • The window shape – depends on the mounting of the curtain rod.
  • How the curtains are hung up – the different curtain rods also offer different suspension options: hooks, rings or other.
  • What kind of curtains do you need – whether you only need light and transparent curtains or do you want to combine them with light-tight curtains?
  • Need a movement mechanism – some models offer a mechanism for moving the curtains.

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Which curtain rod should you choose!

Numerous models are now offered on the market. Some of them rely on classic design and others combine style and modern look in one. The modern curtain rods represent an imaginative curtain decoration , After reviewing the above criteria, we would like to briefly describe the main characteristics and the technical characteristics of the curtain rods.

There are two main types of curtain rods: round tube rods and inner race wire rods. Visually, both are hardly distinguishable. The difference is only in the support bracket and the type of curtain fastening. The holder for the inner racks is opened downwards and this allows the curtain to be easily pulled through the folds from end piece to end piece. The round bar is equipped with overclip hook rings for securing the curtain. The only drawback here is that the curtains are prevented by the carriers to be pushed to the end.

Furthermore, both rod types are available in one or two-lane variants. In the second run two inner racks or pipes parallel and to which one can attach different types of curtains. The two-lined models are very decorative and allow a curtain to be installed. It is also possible to make combinations between the raw rods and the inner racks. These have, for example, the advantage of being attached to the front round tube of sleeping or eyelets.

The Adapted window decoration Complements the room furnishings and makes them even more effective, so look for the right curtain rods and decorate them accordingly.

Decorative curtains and window decoration
Interior curtains as a window decoration

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