Decorative Fabrics For An Elegant Design Regardless Of Style

Expert tips for decoration with fabrics

Fabrics are essential for the interior in any room. They are the key to providing an upscale, elegant design regardless of style. Obviously very simple, but a successful design concept of this kind presupposes a lot of prerequisites. This includes the positioning, the function and the material. Please read below some designer tips on this topic!

Decorative fabrics and illusion of height

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If you want the room to appear higher, the curtains must hang as close to the ceiling as possible. This pulls the eye upwards and expands the vertical dimension. If the window is too low under the ceiling, leave a surface curtain that is the same width as the window. This will immediately make the window appear higher.

Consider the window arrangement and positioning of the furniture

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Solid fabrics are a smart option for window front surfaces. This results in a completed appearance and you do not have to open or close it.

Decorative fabrics – Selection of the right fabric

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Selecting the right fabric is very important for the overall impression. The larger the windows, the heavier the fabric should be.Facilities determine the character of the room, ensure a softer appearance and this is particularly important in all rooms.

Adapt to the challenges of the space

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Curtains and other fabrics can be used as a decoration to achieve more balance in the interior. Let’s take a very high room as an example. To conceal the visual height, you can install rods in the wall color. Not only is the fabric decorative. In this case, the best thing would be a curtain layer. It could be made of opaque and opaque fabric.

Various accessories support the game with different styles

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In a room in which we want modern and clean design, we can still provide a change and hang up fabrics in different looks and feel. Try this method to admire charming results!

Decorative fabrics are the key to creating a sophisticated, elegant design

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Only Sofakissen in great fabrics provide for a beautiful room decoration

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Decorative fabrics – curtains determine the character of the room

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Decorative fabrics in the same pattern ensure a uniform look

To decorate a living room

Selecting the right fabric is very important for the overall impression

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Decorative fabrics – Combine several patterns together

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Create a great room decoration with beautiful fabrics

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Decorative fabrics – A beautiful floral design can look very fresh

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