You Create An Erholunsgoase Balcony Decoration – On Your Balcony

colorful Balkondeko

Great ideas for your Balkondeko as an inspiration

No matter how small is your balcony, you know certainly appreciate him. Because there you can get fresh air after a stressful day. With little effort and one fantasy prices can make a real relaxation oasis on your balcony.

As firstly should you opt for a style which gives you pleasure and brings serenity.

Balcony decorated in vintage style

Balkondeko great

How you imagine your balcony – with elegant and stylish chairs made of wrought iron or with beautiful rattan furniture?

After you have answered to these questions, you can go over to the balcony design.

Great balcony idea with stone look wallpaper

Balkondeko wallpaper

Paint the walls – if necessary – in white color. White gives a feeling for size, cleanliness and relaxation. Also very interesting are wallpapers with stone look. If you like it but colored, you can make a colorful accent wall.

Transform your balcony in a beautiful place with various decoration

Balkondeko with Pillow

Forget the details – small souvenirs, beautiful lamps, pillows and other decoration.

Colorful flower pots, great carpet or seat cushions with patterns, all these will help you to transform the balcony in a beautiful place.

Flowers are a must in the balcony decoration

Balkondeko with flowers

Vertical garden for plant lovers

small garden as Balkondeko

We must not forget also the flowers! Nothing brings more happiness and positive feelings as the blooming flowers and green plants. A vertical garden balcony design is very delight surely flower lovers.

Place a Reed mat on the floor

Reed mat for balcony

For the flooring, you have many options. A wooden or stone floor brings more comfort. But if you have a limited budget, you can assign the ground with artificial grass or Reed mat.

Checkered red and white seat cushions

balcony decoration ideas

Now some beautiful ideas, from which you can draw inspiration.

Actually you can’t go wrong. Let your imagination run free…

Expand the table for multiple people

drop-down bar table for the balcony

A simple design of balcony

Balkondeko ideas

Matching flowers to the pink chairs

blooming flowers on the small balcony

Make your balcony with a low rattan furniture and carpet patterns

colourful carpet and rattan furniture

Point of view which fits to the umbrella selected

vertical garden balcony

Flower pots and stool color matched

colorful design for small balconies

Float in a hanging basket Chair on the balcony

a hanging basket Chair for the balcony

Create your own personal space on the balcony

a very small balcony design

Use wood panels for the balcony garden

a small garden on the balcony

Create holiday atmosphere on the balcony

a carpet on the balcony

A green wooden chair as an accent

greener Chair as Balkondeko

Choose Compact balcony furniture

wood chairs for balcony design

A cost-effective facility of balcony with wooden pallets

wooden pallets for the balcony design

Would you like breakfast on sunny days on the balcony?

folding chairs for the balcony

Combine stripes and points

Kleier balcony colorful figures

Find a small bed on the balcony – like to the idea?

small mattress on the balcony

Create a romantic atmosphere for the summer evenings

small balcony with Kerzendeko

Sea motifs help you maintain an awaited holiday feeling

Meeresdeko for the balcony

Small balcony with foldable wooden furniture

small table on the balcony

Dense curtain fabric as Visual cover

small balcony with curtains

Black – white pattern

black white balcony design

Decorate your balcony with great lights

lights as balcony decoration

Would you set up your balcony like this one?

stripe pattern as Balkondeko

Supplement balcony design with blue-green decoration

Balkondeko great idea

Attach the railing of the flower container

great Deko Auch night

Great piece of rattan furniture for larger balconies

great rattan furniture balcony ideas

Wind chimes provide a beautiful sound

wind chimes on the balcony