Wonderful Dessert In Glass: So Simple, So Solemn!

A dessert in glass is a simple idea that always looks stylish. Very simple desserts become something really special. Again, you can keep more complicated recipes in an appealing form. These are just two of many arguments in favor of making bedside tables in glasses.
Also for the Christmas table or the New Year’s Eve Dinner they would be a wonderful choice. Do you like the idea? Then take a look at our concrete examples! There is an incredibly wide variety! That’s why we also give you some tips on how to choose the most suitable desserts for every occasion.

The mango flavor would be the ideal end to a hearty meal

Mango and lemon, dessert idea

Dessert in glass: Find the right ingredients!

The desserts we search very often with our eyes! A dessert must taste above all else. It should also be healthy for your guests and for yourself. Nowadays we feed ourselves in different ways. Many of us do not eat milk because of lactose or do not tolerate other types of products.

Healthy food is a priority. The bedside tables have long since become no exception. Similar desserts can be prepared using common products such as milk, sugar and eggs. But they also have many other alternatives such as coconut milk, brown sugar, honey and so on. Especially in the glass, these can be mixed easily. So think about who you are making the dessert for and what the person can and wants to eat. That would be a wonderful first step in choosing the right recipe for a dessert in glass.

A chia dessert would be something for connoisseurs

Healthy dessert in glass with yogurt, raspberries, blueberries, mint

Adjust the dessert in the glass to the menu

The taste of the dessert must also be adapted to the selected menu of the occasion. If you have prepared really hearty and salty food, then it’s well worth it to offer something quite sweet for dessert. Maybe your main courses are, however, with a relatively neutral taste, more to enjoy than to eat? Then it pays off to choose an exotic recipe for your dessert in the glass. After all, heavier desserts tend to go with lighter desserts and vice versa.

A dessert in these colors would also be ideal for Christmas

Creamy dessert with strawberries and kiwi

The dessert as a decoration

Finally, the bedside tables very often serve as a decoration. Made in glass, they are particularly effective. When choosing a dessert, you can also consider this aspect. For example, you can use it to decorate the table. You can place all desserts on a shelf or side table. Then make them an eye-catcher that spreads festive mood.
For Christmas or other occasions, you can make bedside tables with colors that will go well with your party. Maybe there is something to be said about the following ideas?

With a simple deco, you can turn the dessert into something suitable for Christmas

Italian dessert, chocolate and cream with homemade Christmas biscuits.

As a dessert in the glass, the cheese cake works much easier!

Cheesecake with passion fruit and strawberries

Elegance in several layers – this is very easy to achieve with a dessert in glass!

Dessert in glass with blueberries and raspberries, cream and granola

Mango and mint are an ideal combination – visually and tastily!

Dessert recipe with mango and mint

Such a desser would also serve as a rustic and rustic decoration

Homemade tiramissu - cinnamon, mint, blueberries

So airy – so elegant! This is a dessert with style!

Airy mousse dessert recipe with mint

Brighten the mood of your party with such a lemon dessert!

Panna Cotta with orange jelly in vintage glass
Three very tasty and elegant desserts in a glass
Brownies, white chocolate, strawberries, dessert recipe
Elegant chocolate mousse ideas with brownies

Desserts in multiple layers are a tradition. And offering in the glass – a modern interpretation!

Layered dessert, chocolate biscuits, cream, strawberries
Delicious dessert in glass with fruits and chocolate
Delicious Tiramissu in the glass
Glue pie dessert in the glass
Luxurious dessert in glass Tiramisu

Oatmeal dessert in the jar like this are healthy and elegant

Desserts with oatmeal and yoghurt in glass, also with strawberries and raspberries (2)
Panacotta three desserts in the glass

Chocolate ice cream with banana split in glass
Chocolate mousse desserts in glass

Chocolate mousse with cream cream looks particularly elegant in vintage glass

Chocolate mousse idea dessert recipe
Chocolate mousse with mint dessert in glass
Nice dessert in glass with truffles and strawberries
great delicious desserts in the glass
White chocolate with strawberries - glass
White Tiramissu in a great glass