Wintery Inspiration 2017: DIY Christmas Decoration With Chopsticks

If one were to make only one Christmas ornament per year, one would immediately Christmas spirit feel better. Have you already come to this conclusion from your own experience? Or would you like to try this out and see if we are right or not? The following guide will help you to craft decorative Christmas sleds. In addition, we show you a few examples of great DIY Christmas decoration. Most are with craft sticks and there are still some wooden figures. Bastelstäbchen are also the main material for the idea from the instructions.

Decorative DIY sleigh as Christmas decoration on fir tree

The necessary materials for decorative Christmas sleds

– 2 medium-sized and 5 small bobbins;
– wood glue; Wood coating;
– color (in our models black and red, black and white);
– yarn, cord;
– Transparent and thin adhesive tape;

On request you can also add some accessories.

Suitable are Christmas tree branches, bells, garlands and other jewelery, which are typical for Christmas.

This is how the sticky chopsticks look like for this project

sticks stick together diy christmas decoration

This is how you make the Christmas sleds

First, you have to glue four of the smaller china sticks together, as shown in the picture above. Just as you see there, they should be moved a bit deeper. Tip: Spread some wood glue on paper and apply some of it to the edges of the chopsticks using a toothpick. This is easier for most people, but you can of course also develop your own technique.

Once the wood glue has been applied, allow it to dry well. Use a small cloth or brush to apply the first selected color to the chopsticks. Swipe the fifth smaller chopstick in the same color. They are dyed in red and white. Allow to dry well.

In another (or the same) color, paint the longer chopsticks. In this model, they are in black. You can then paint all the painted base sticks with wood varnish.

You can also choose a different color here. Let these chopsticks also dry well.

When decorating the sleds you can give your imagination free rein

diy schklitten christmas decorations

Bring together the various parts of the DIY bobbins

Now we can stick the larger china sticks to the smaller ones. How exactly these must be related to each other, can be seen in the picture above. Now glue the fifth small bobbin stick (also as in the picture).
Finally, you can use the adhesive tape to attach the remaining accessories. If you are tinkering the DIY Christmas Decoration together with children, you can make the little ones make this part.

DIY star is one of many great ideas with chopsticks

christmas decorations make your own wood chopsticks

Other great DIY christmas decoration made of wood

The decorative sleds are one of many great DIY ideas for Christmas decoration. They are amusing, interesting and in our example – yet minimalistic enough for a modern home. Below are some more examples for such types of jewelery that you can hang on the Christmas tree or show in other places than decoration.

diy christmas decoration as a gift
diy christmas decoration sledge and ball
DIY christmas decoration white red

decoration for christmas bastelstäbchen stern
deco to christmas decoration self made wood
diy stars christmas decoration
diy christmas decoration chopsticks swing
diy christmas deco stars
diy christmas decorations
simple deco to make christmas itself
childish christmas decoration making wood
animal faces christmas decoration wood diy
christmas decorations make your own wood chopsticks