West African Decorations For Your Living Room – The New Trend!

When it comes to decorating the living room, there are millions of materials, color combinations and textiles that create a stylish atmosphere. A large part of the decoides also have an interesting prehistory behind them. A perfect example of this is the mud cloth decoration, which is considered very trendy, but also anything but new. In other words, it is a century-old hand-dyed textile art coming from West Africa. The decoration elements are often called by different names and are attributed to historical meanings. You can find out which models are currently in the general decorating world in our article.

The eternal black and white duo is also popular with this textile art

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The decoration from Mali

According to the latest statistics, African textiles enjoy an ever-increasing popularity in Germany. Wall hangings, decorative cushions made of mud cloths are among the best decoration for the home. The textile art and the complex fabrics, which are mainly exported from Mali, are also a big trend for DIY fans.

The mud cloth or also known as Malituch is hand-woven and the decorations are considered unique. The reason for this is that the patterns are not exactly the same because the fabrics are produced one after the other. As a result of the production by hand, there are very small variations or imperfections in the fabric, because the fabric consists of many narrow strips, which are then carefully sewn together. When you order the decoration elements, you should be well informed that the products do not look exactly the same, but very similar. The back of this textile is made of a high-quality black linen fabric.

Throw pillows – A must for every interior

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West African textile culture – What are the characteristics of the decorative fabrics?

90% of the mud cloths are offered in the colors white and black and the look of each living room is very positive. Throws made of mud cloth are considered a true trend and the color combination of black and white fits almost every interior. Typical for this type of decoration are small African symbols and round and angular shapes. Black and white wall carpets in various sizes are also among the most popular decorative pieces. They are made of 100% light weight polyester with hand sewn edges. The sharp lines and vibrant colors create a luxurious atmosphere in every room. The mud cloths are also regarded as resistant in the outdoor area. Washing with a mild detergent and drying at lower temperatures are considered a must for these fabrics.

A well selected picture gallery is at your disposal. Be inspired by the following ideas. Our team wishes you a lot of fun.

West African decorations in the interior setting? Yes, please!

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Directly from Mali, the mud cloth decoration

Dekoideen for your home mud cloth

Attractive wall design with West African symbols and shapes

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