The Trendiest Design Proposal: Honeycomb Pattern

honeycomb pattern black claddingDesign Vorschlag-honeycomb pattern

In some ways, the honeycomb pattern is never gone out of fashion! Hexagonal tiles of the early 20th century down to the current six-sided designs, which set a good example for modern flair, have been always present, it appears again gloriously in the design world today. And now we have the opportunity to discover an exciting new version of this pattern, which is minimalist, trendy and organic…

Today we would like to offer an insight into the versatility of the honeycomb pattern. We are thrilled as they select, Moroccan, elicited suggestions of all kinds of style forms–Hollywood Regency to ultramodern -. Honeycomb to scatter cushions decorate a variety of finishes wall wallpaper and tiles and ceramics. Not sure if you want to fully load your blanket with six-sided shapes? No problem! First of all choose a vase or a bowl, then you can work through to larger patterns. Also if you miss the year’s season edition of honeycomb-patterned merchandise, this geometric motif with safety will come back in a very short time…

Bienenwabengemusterte ceiling Wallpaper and tiles

We start with a striking honeycomb presence – as ceiling, wall and floor decoration. The geometric nature of this pattern makes it in fact ideal for architectural statements, like the one shown below ceiling, entzorfen by Akke woodworks. Keep in mind how the wood motif enhances this monochromatic space with texture and depth… [Photo by Robert Lowell]

Honeycomb pattern as a decoration on the ceiling

honeycomb pattern white ceiling decoration

It is something out of the Hollywood Regency style in the honeycomb wall wallpaper noticeable, especially if they have been carried out in crisp tones and complemented by reflective surfaces such as mirrors. And crisp black and white, or more reflective than mirror surfaces and counter plates no longer is. No wonder that the bathroom on the next screen reveals a so perfect design! [Source: Diane Bishop interiors]

Honeycomb wallpaper in the bathroom

honeycomb pattern blue wall panel tub

If you believe, this down would be a wallpaper, so you have to think about again. Before your very eyes are available by Ann sacks designed by Popham, concrete tiles Paccha design. This pattern in a Moroccan style has a modern by shine, especially as it is presented in colors like ice blue, smoke grey and milky white. [via Houzz]

Flooring with honeycomb pattern

honeycomb pattern wood floor couch

It’s amazing how much texture and color in each of the below honeycomb tiles, designed by Apavisa, are promoted. The result: a modern and appealing yet earthy look that perfectly eligible for the residence area of the company. Take note of how smooth white walls and accents are the ideal counterpart to all shades of bronze and metal filling the room and look how “anchored” in the true sense of the word, so anchor colored.

Honeycomb decoration

We now move on to honeycomb furniture, oushak and accent pieces. Do you still remember that we have mentioned, the honeycomb pattern could produce a Hollywood Regency mood?

A bedroom design with white furniture

honeycomb pattern glass Cabinet bed

Nothing could illustrate even more clearly than the flashy bedroom below this style, it has equipped with mirror cabinets and a chandelier to propel a coquettish game with the reflective properties of the furniture. Add another hotel bed linen and have been the top-rated course! [Source: Covenant millwork Inc.]

A blue sofa refreshes the white design

honeycomb pattern carpet

In the elongated honeycomb patterns on the kitchen runner down there is something obvious funny. We love the echo effect that causes this that the honeycomb shelf cabinet under the TV, with many compartments for the storage of books which repeat the same pattern. [Source: Tanya Schoenroth design]

Wood shelves like beer honeycombs

DIY honeycomb pattern Orange couch shelves

You want to construct even honeycomb shelves and set up? If you’re facing, you can using fence boards and various tools this project for self-made honeycomb racks of A beautiful mess out. You would need to have a little patience, but we are sure you will agree that is worth the result. Particularly his sculptural expression power!

A rural design

bees honeycomb pattern pendant chandelier

Have you also noted that the use of honeycomb patterns made a double effect, if two or more honeycomb-patterned elements in the same room have been installed? Just like the runner who adorns the stairs in the room below, and the pendant which hangs over the Bank. [Source: Brian Watford interiors]

Honeycomb-patterned shopping offers

Is it fun for inspiration even to look at pictures, but not this time why images look, to pick out pieces of honeycomb decoration? Lucky! In this time of year, there are a lot of products that you can order! Like for example the silk honeycomb-patterned pillowcases from West Elm, which you see pictured below.

Bienenwabengemusterte Coverlet

pattern pillow

Except that this basic pattern can be combined with a wide range of styles, two different color schemes are available, each in 100% silk available, make sure you would find the right piece for your rooms…

Colourful honeycomb-patterned pillows

pattern pillows stained

Even Jonathan re-introduces the honeycomb pattern Eagle!

The motive for his two multi-Bargello honeycomb cushion and Bargello honeycomb cushion in blue and gray quite as hand embroidered looks due to the use of long stitches. Very retro, isn’t it? Side note: These pillows were in an earlier post by Decoist presented, titled fabric patterns, which are back in trend.

A Schlale with honeycomb decoration

pattern Bowl dish

If you want a small honeycomb accent, you can try the textured dip tray from West Elm probably made of glazed ceramic. The whole production line of shells – best suited to food preparation and serving – is decorated with varied textures and motifs. As you might have guessed, we prefer the honeycomb pattern, which we show below.

Our last proposals with hexagonal motifs are the threshold honeycomb vase and the threshold ceramic lamp holder, offered by target, both made of shiny ceramic made. These all white items have a mild appearance, what’s the color, and nevertheless they appear brave because of the repetition of the geometrically shaped and ordered combs in the room. Outstanding for design enthusiasts who want to appreciate the subtle accents of honeycomb

Honeycomb accents

pattern decoration

When we talk of honeycomb pattern decoration pieces, which from the numerous variations you like the most? Do you like the elegant hexagonal look perhaps? Or probably the honeycomb tiles with a Moroccan flair have attracted your attention? And what is your opinion about the magnificent Hollywood Regency expression of the subject? Maybe you fell in love the modern metamorphoses of the honeycomb pattern! Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below…

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