The Perfect Plants For The House Of The People, Such Destruction

Are you able to fill a glass jar with water? Can you take care of an Ivy tute? This is not nearly as difficult as you think. After the success, you will be grateful and be a nicer and greener at home have.

Looking for a beautiful plant with large, green leaves, you can grow at home? Should she be suitable also for people who can not ever deal with plants? The Ivy tute is exactly such an example. Also, you don’t need lots of Sun and water. Perfect, or?

It has repeatedly emphasizes the importance of plants to clean the air lately in the specialized blogs. The Ivy tute seems to be particularly effective in this respect.

They disappear on toxic substances such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Now, if you are like me, then the image of a beautiful yellow plant comes in your House in mind. Or maybe you have green, which looks incredibly lean you also experience with naturally lush? Don’t worry. The Ivy tute virtually alone takes care of itself.

Actually, there is no decoration and environment in which she cannot survive.

The perfect plants for the home

perfect plants eclectic bathroom

Bathroom with window

Do you have a bathroom with a large window? Here you can set up almost any plant, but the climber was an absolutely ingenious idea. Also, it helps for the separation of the private sector.

The healthy adult plant is bushy and a climber. She will bring a part of the jungle atmosphere in your bathroom. See how beautiful the retro elements on the curtains here fit the plant motifs.

Here you can set up almost any plant, but the climber was an absolutely ingenious idea

perfect plants home office desk

Homely atmosphere

The Ivy recently distributed a domestic mood. It looks beautiful in this small window frames. It beautifully complements the rustic table and the old-fashioned world.

Do you have a small, unfavourably positioned window? Such a plant would fit there perfectly. Finally, it will have a real function.

Also, the there positioned plant will contribute to more harmony in the region.

A plant on your desk

perfect plants eclectic desk

The bright green leaves of Ivy tute

They are wonderfully suited to wooden furniture. In the picture below is a nice idea: they brought the plant into a water bowl. Is the Green accent within this eclectic space not just adorable?

The window next to the front door is a great green plant

perfect plants traditionally input

Low positioning

In the picture below you can see, how beautiful the grows on this fairly low setting window sill. In addition, you will find so there is no room for storing unnecessary items.

Flowers on the dining table and plants by the window

perfect plants desk wood

Friendly to other plants

The Ivy tute can be easily combined with other plants. Below is quite different plants in colorful flower pots on a low window sill.

One can see a green plant on the white Cabinet

perfect plants living room Cabinet


Can you imagine down the space without the climber on the old-fashioned wardrobe? Since, the room would completely losing his personal charisma. Most valuable are the property of climbing plants. You can give this also a direction, as shown below.

You can place the plant in a top place as shown in the figure below, and they grow from there down. Wonderful it fits together with the exposed brick, the casual laid back guitar and the books? I find the constellation simply captivating!

The Ivy tute might grow wonderfully high plant stands. You give the impression of a tree. You can achieve this look also through the use of several Ivy tute plants.

Plants are also good on the shelf

perfect plant shelves book guitar

Now, I have compiled a list of tips for the care of plants for you:

Light: Most need plant mostly indirect lighting is a plentiful,. The Efuetute can survive only with artificial light. The plants with solid, large leaves as compared to those with the fine much less are sensitive.

Water: Water thoroughly, but await the dry of Earth before the next watering. This should be definitely not spongy. These plants are susceptible to root rot. Unique property for plant that can grow even in water…

Earth: Use a well drained all purpose mix! So nothing can go wrong!

Feeding: Fertilization is not absolutely necessary. If the plant to grow but oversized, you can use this method. This is a simple, universal fertiliser.

General care: A well known property of the Ivy tute is to grow its property on Earth as well as in water. But as soon as she become accustomed to the a setting, she would not be able to survive the change.

So you can put glass vessels with water at a high point and then you would enjoy the heart under climbing of the plant down!

Make the plants next to the window

perfect plants living room

The dissemination

You can create new and new plants by cutting off. Place the roots in water or in a special root powder. Soon you can plant the Ivy tute in a flower pot. Lots of fun from our team!

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