Stylish And Practical Ideas For Your Staircase!

A stairs house can get a completely new and above all fresh look with the help of many decoration elements. The combinations of colors, patterns and textures create a fairy-tale ambience and value the property very positively. You can find out what trends are currently valid in our article.

The large range of room decoration includes materials such as glass, wood, ceramics and also wallpaper. Personalizing the staircase is a matter of taste, but the current trends are recommended.

Combinations of different wallpapers positively evaluate the stairwell

color combinations of stairs

The most popular trends this year are those decorated with wallpaper. For this design the DIY fans used two or three different types of wallpapers in colorful colors and with striking patterns. You can choose from two different styles and decorate each stage with a popular decorative element.

The retro wallpapers will play a very important role in the decoration category this year, but also the next year, because the dynamic shapes and general color palette of the 60s are considered a cool trend. The steps can also be decorated with different wallpapers. In addition to the retro wallpaper, the 3D wallpapers are very suitable. Variants with a sea view or similar 3D designs will surely attract all the curious looks. This will make the atmosphere in the stairwell much more inviting.

Make your stairwell more inviting

decoration with wallpaper staircase design

The wallpapering is not considered the only way for this kind of decorations. Different materials can be used very often for the steps in the stairwell without problem. Design of glass, of ceramic stones and also of colorful wall paints are among the most recent ideas nowadays. The glass optics in the stairwell, which can be optimally combined with high-quality foil, is one of the most attractive ideas. This is a unique look, but the construction of glass could have negative consequences if the design is not robust. To ensure a 100% stability of this construction, you should plan a glass construction from Plexiglas, as the steps should have absolute security as a top priority.

Customized decoration for each stage

design wallpaper staircase design

Creative alternative to the traditional decoration is to decorate the steps with ceramic stones. This optics can be designed very easily and in the short term, but you should definitely have previous knowledge and have already worked with different types of ceramic stones to create a long-lasting construction in the stairwell itself. The ceramic stones give the staircase a very luxurious look.

Wall paints or ceramic stones? Choose a fitting design to your taste

creative wallpaper staircase design

Each design is very easy to craft, but before you start the DIY project, you should decide which model would best fit your staircase. Our idea-rich picture gallery includes all current designs of this year. Let yourself be inspired and design your stairwell for the best ideas.

Retro wallpapers for staircases? Why not!

deco wallpaper staircase design

Also the 3D wallpapers as an optimal solution do not forget

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Shapes and figures with ceramic stones

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Sea view creative create your own

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