Striking Wall Painting Ideas For Your Interior

striking mural ideas table wheel

Striking mural ideas – Ferris wheel wall paintings in a modern room

Currently, more and more are wall adhesive volumes lately. And why not? You simply sticking them up and they are removed without stains. Today but we have a text about mural for you. What options are possible here? Can you combine painting with other elements? DIY mural can I find instructions? Just continue reading…

Artistic wall painting

You can use always a professional with this mural project. I’ve encountered fortunately painting of Murals Your Way this Ferris wheel, whose Werke are brilliant. This work was exhibited at neo con show in Chicago in 2011. Clearly, why…

The next hand-painted mural was created by a professional decorative painter. Note how the design of the wall proceeds to cover and shade.

Hand-painted mural in a fresh Interior

striking mural ideas yellow red

The work of Michael Owen on three walls in the picture below is an abstract design that can make a big impression, especially in a modern industrial space as this exquisite cuisine.

Abstract kitchen painting of Michael Owen

striking mural ideas table bar Chair chandelier

Paintings, which bring little more than color

Not everyone can afford a professional to of course. Another option wallpaper are in the painting style. On the picture we see the wallpaper by Jarlath Mellett with popular intricate patterns and modern depictions of wild animals. Of course, you can take the image as inspiration for hand work.

Modern animal wall

striking mural ideas nursery

The glamorous painting below is made of water resistant type panels Alex Turco. The panels are attached to the wall with silicone and sealing strips. To give a sparkling effect, especially with her glamour and design.

Wall panels in a modern dining room with art

striking mural ideas dining room woman

The next room incorporates different elements. The mural with a curvy line means race ya’ Blik. The images above the bed are framed painting by dwell Studio. The orange strips complete the room was done with color.

Color and wall painting in a nursery

striking mural ideas Orange bedroom

The painting below is a digital wall tapestry murals wallpaper. Modern, bold and fabulous.

Geometric wallpaper painting

striking mural ideas geometric colorful couch

DIY painting ideas

At the end, we have three DIY wall painting ideas, if you want to take everything under control. You will find a good guide for the ombre shell accent wall in everyday is a holiday…

Ombre shell accent wall

striking mural ideas green

Lately, I have also a lot of wall painting sets, inspired paintings by these kitschy retro, seen. It occurred to me, but you can find many more.

Paint by numbers murals

striking mural ideas image

At the end, I am joined, made from pressed panels on this DIY mural Guide by Mini penny . You can express your own project. You can get more details about mini penny. This is a great option for people who can not paint. The results could be non-original…

DIY wall panel mural

striking mural ideas wall flowers

That was all. What are your Favorites? Are you inspired for an own DIY project? Leave your comments below…

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