Sticker For Wall Design. Possibilities And Ideas

Are you a fan of home made wall design? Do you need new ideas for your interior design, which can be realized without much effort? The stickers offer many alternatives and advantages. Just like the pictures and the photo wallpapers, they create a wow effect and immediately personalize the interior. You can easily and quickly attach the stickers to the wall without adhesive! And not only there. With modern stickers you also transform your wardrobe, the laptop, the door, the window and many pieces of furniture.

Sticker for the wall in the living room

Determine style or theme and choose the appropriate sticker for the area

There are virtually no restrictions on the style and theme of the stickers. At least if you like qualitative providers PIXERS search. In addition to the appropriate style, the area to be covered must also be taken into account. There are stickers for walls, but also for glass, with which you can transform your windows.

Unlike these two types are again the products for metal and wood, the z. B. are intended for refrigerators or doors. With stickers you renew desks, cupboards and other furniture. In addition to the style and theme, be sure to consider this practical aspect before making your choice.

Wall design door as an accent

What advantages and disadvantages do the stickers have in comparison to wallpapers and pictures?

A big difference lies in the area you want to cover. Wallpapers are applied to the whole wall in one go. That can transform the complete space character. The images are again considered works of art and make the ambience look very noble. Stickers are perfect for accents – that’s their strength. However, since in the modern interior The seamless design prevails, which is often enough for a strong effect.
Sometimes the sticker can be used as well as a wall wallpaper. This works better on a smaller area.

Sticker for transforming the furniture

Discover the creative possibilities

You can take a large sticker for your interior or several smaller ones. In the first case, you create a strong visual accent in the room. You can make your own composition from several small stickers! That would be your very own artwork!
With stickers you also tweak your design. In the pictures above and below you can see, that’s exactly what you did. The door has been set with the help of the 3-D sticker an accent in the minimalist modern space. The simple office table suddenly appears as a designer piece.
Stickers are certainly a good idea for the nursery. Even the little ones themselves can design the space with it. So you are a great opportunity for all members of the family to discover the artist within yourself!

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the fridge transform living room
Accent on a window by the wall design
laptop sticker - great idea