Spooky Spirits Products For Halloween

ghosts products for Halloween picture glass pumpkins candles

Spooky spirits products for Halloween

In a few weeks, one celebrates Halloween in whole Germany. Therefore, we want to be helpful and have prepared a series of interesting home decorating ideas for the home for you.  Today we want to introduce you to some tips for scary ghosts Halloween products.

Framed ghost decoration

Create a spirits Gallery. Use large and small frames for your pictures. Cut the ghostly silhouettes made of white paper. Draw the eyes, the nose and the mouth with a black marker. Seal the edges with black duct tape. Put small pumpkins and candles on the shelves or on the mantel.

Ghostly books

products for Halloween Ghosts book

Create a ghostly centerpiece of old books. Cut two basic spirits characters from pages in the middle of the book. Keep each Ghost with adhesive tape. Draw the eyes, nose and mouth of ghosts with a black marker.

Spooky Halloween ghost Garland

ghosts products for Halloween wreath

Hang a creepy Halloween Ghosts wreath on your front door to welcome your guests.  Create two ghost figures made of clay and bake it in the oven according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Glue the spirits on the wreath with strong adhesive. Decorate it with a Ribbon and attach the wreath with wire.

Fearsome ghost doorknob

ghosts products for Halloween doorknob

Decorate your haunted house with a hand-made spirits doorknob. Cut a ghost shape out of white cardboard and make a hole for the door knob. Draw the eyes of the spirit. Attach the ghost taped on the door.

Ghost pranks and treat

ghosts products for Halloween Candy bag

Collect your Halloween Candy in a great pocket of spirits.

How do you find this spooky Lantern?

products for Halloween Ghosts mummies chandelier

Illuminate your walkway with chandeliers that resemble ghosts and mummies. Their anxiety score faces will throw a scary glow on your farm and create a perfect Halloween night ambience.

Ghostly silhouettes

ghosts candles glass products for Halloween

Your guests will be impressed by this spirit candles. Purchase a ghost mask and secure them with adhesive tape on the glass. Cover the ghostly silhouette with etching cream. Soak the cream 5 minutes and wash it with water.

Do you like these ghostly door decoration?

ghosts products Halloween door wreath branches white pumpkins

White objects are highlighted in the night, therefore painting pumpkins in white. Draw eyes and mouth on them. Hang the pumpkin ghosts on the branches before the front door.

Sticky ghosts meringues treat

ghosts products Halloween Candy

This treat is not difficult to make. Pressed conical shapes through a pastry bag, bake them for a few minutes and let dry. Draw eyes with black frosting.

Ghosts in the parade

ghosts products for Halloween white ball

A number of paper lights is a legion of ghosts. Cut squares of white thin fabric to cover the balls.