Shabby Chic Decoration For An Upscale Atmosphere At Home

Shabby Chic decoration Dekotipps shabby style interior design ideas

You want chic home shabby decoration?

“Shabby” stands for “run down”, “poor”, “shabby”. Leave it to irritate. Decoration in Shabby chic style is a truly noble cause. At this, we need to benefit from the upscale character according to old stuff.

A style of adventure

Dekotipps Shabby Chic decoration setup tips

The Shabby Chic decoration and interior design can really adventurous work. Valuable pieces could be anywhere. They are found in the countryside, at flea markets. Often they are right in front of our home, but we are too blind for them.

Below you can find some examples, how Shabby Chic treasures might look like.

Bean bag Chair

shabby style decor Shabby Chic decoration

Whether you believe it or not, beanbag Chair chic are well suited to the shabby style. They serve as furniture and at the same time have a high decorative value.

This furniture look like? Used, old, completely consumed, or not quite?

furnishing ideas Shabby Chic decorating shabby style

Straight lines and materials elaborated by hand are not the only option for your kitchen. Use back old wood. Take it apart and make a table from it. Paint with white paint. Access to look the upscale shabby thus, cheap chic.

Antique frame

Shabby Chic Decorating Decorating shabby style

Great antique frames can comprise wonderful Shabby Chic decoration. Include walls, mirrors, pictures, photos, mostly to d.

Antique frames could decorate also noble trays. The white bleached surface is preferable to this.

Pair old chairs with modern textiles

Shabby Chic country style decoration decoration setup tips

Used chairs in vintage style are often covered with modern textiles. In some stores you can find pieces from the 18th century.

Vintage hanging chandelier over the dining table in the living room

shabby style Shabby Chic decoration setup tips

This function will be allocated Additionally chic decoration a functional element of shabby. This gorgeous central pieces, spreading much elegance in the room are. Such chandeliers look especially good on the dining room table.

Cloth napkins in the Shabby chic style

decorating Shabby Chic table decoration decorations ideas

Also cloth napkins serve decorative at the same time as commercial items, and Shabby chic. This spice up the table with great worn notes. You spread romantic nostalgia in the room.

Make an airy feel of the bedroom

bedroom decorating Shabby Chic Decorating Decorating

White, opulent bedding models in combination of Shabby Chic provide decoration for a feeling of weightlessness. They are wonderful for a room that performs several functions at the same time. Such interiors can be rural or fresh and airy depending on the context.

Shabby Chic for outdoor use

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Do you have old tables and chairs? You may not fit to your interior? Also you might have no desire to spend money in order to achieve a worn look? Why not place them in the garden? There, they fit the style maybe better. Also the weather will strengthen out definitely chic look at these pieces of furniture the shabby. The same applies to old objects that serve as Shabby Chic decoration.

Create a cozy shabby decorative chic by pillows and blankets

living room decorating Shabby Chic decoration

Make your bedroom a fresh, rural manner

shabby style Shabby chic bedroom decoration

Remove all old items to create a sophisticated Shabby Chic decorating

Shabby Chic decorating tips Deco

The candle light abernds emphasizes only the romantic atmosphere of the shabby style

garden ideas Dekotipps Shabby Chic decoration

Search for delicate and discreet textile colors for the bedroom

shabby bedroom style Shabby Chic