Picture Stories As Decor In Contemporary Homes

picture stories as decor billiards

The beautifully framed press of picture stories tell many stories

by Eunice Fernandes

Morning reading newspapers is already dated in the era of smartphones and tablets. The picture stories remain a popular part of the newspaper experience. At least on the weekend, you can enjoy breakfast with a picture story. Comics are an essential part of the nostalgic childhood memories of many.

Many of us were glad to buy a picture story from the book store. Why do we not a collection of wall paintings and furniture with our popular Heroes? We can create a great decor, inspired by a book, Yes?

Inspired by comics, in the dining room murals,
by Jeff Jones snap it photography

picture stories as decor dining room chandelier

The art on the walls creates a visually more space with a virtual living room

by Kanner architects

picture stories as decor living room white couch table

Bring color to your modern living room

by Laura U

picture stories as decor luxury

Tintin exhibited at the basement wall

by Cody Anderson Wasney architects

picture stories decor table tennis wood ceilings

Modern bedroom with bubble-shaped mirrors

picture stories as decorative Desk Chair

The Google campus in Dublin provides picture stories from wall

Camenzind evolution

picture stories decorative purple carpet bar

Colorful and nostalgic

Nostalgia inspired decor is an important reason for the selection of comics. In modern houses with a stylish, smooth and contemporary look, the picture stories can serve as good splashes of color. If you do not like to have the yellow and orange-red colors, then you choose simply framed black-and-white pictures. They are easy to get and can be made quickly.

A children’s room with Batman theme

Trio environments

picture stories as decor bed Bedside table city

Comic book line is meaningful

picture stories decor brown sofa books

No matter what style you have at home, a Superman-inspired fit sofa table or a wall art with Tintin without effort.  The comics bring freshness and contrast in a soft furnishings.

Make the bathroom fun

fine focus photography

picture stories as decor bathroom Orange bath

Colorful and fun wall art lounge

by Tamara Bickley design

comics design red glass Chair

Fitness room with framed comics pages

by Cynthia Bennett & Associates

picture stories as decor fitness

Wall art, paired with yellow stairs brings funny mood

by Praktyczne i Piękne

picture stories as decor stair

Interesting comic elements in an eclectic bedroom in Houston

picture stories as decor bed bedroom wall yellow bed Bank

Perfect for the nursery

Inspiration is ideal for children’s rooms the superhero. Most children would be glad to have themed decor and furniture with comics. You must care only, to fill the room with too many colors too. Follow a not complicated and flowing color scheme, you assign the bed with bed linen superhero motto that fits for wall decoration or furniture and get a successful look.

A contemporary, minimalist nursery

picture stories as decor nursery staircase

A baby room with picture stories on the wall in black and white

picture stories decor nursery rug

Superman flies in for a great escape on the wall of a children’s room

by pirateheist

picture stories decor blue couch red yellow

A unique way to pass the message to the children!

picture stories as yellow decor wall

Be the star of the comics!

Retro pop art is a trend that is observed in more and more homes. So, you may add your own collection of images so that they look as pages of their popular comics book. Hang one of the pictures in each room, so that creates a continuity around and the rooms have also a splash of color.

Make a comic of your unforgettable moments

picture stories as decor lamp bed

A comics in retro pop art style

by AllPopArt.com

picture stories as decor vase

Decoration, murals and wall art, inspired by stories of the picture, are suitable not only for the geeks to the topic. It is a great tool just to bring a little fun into a modern and sterile facility.

Black and white comics upholstery for chairs

Imagine living

picture stories as decor Chair grey whitedecoration

Jeffrey Brooks interior design

picture stories as decorative glass table brown leather sofa

A wall sticker in comics style

by Isolina Mallon interior design

picture stories as decor bed nightstand

An attic bedroom in the Scandinavian style

Source: calories calculator

picture stories as decor bedroom bed desk

Framed picture stories in black and white

By Shelley Gardea

picture stories as decorative stained Cabinet pictures