Organize Your Space With DIY Bookshelves

space with DIY bookshelves picture books plantOrganize your space with DIY bookshelves

So many books, so many collections… It has a tight space. If you have too little space, then this article is just right for you. This is true especially for those of you that have limited space and want to take things into their own hands.

Make your own DIY shelves

Some of the most popular projects for bookshelves in Internet include the use of slats. This is actually very simple. You must just lean a few planks at the feet of the slats and you have it! You have a finished product and this need any additional tools.

Want to install this design on a lug? Try to attach the ladder to the wall and hang them from the top down.

The planks can be always still just hung. Without that you feel your eye this is captured.

These elegant shelves fit perfectly with any interior

space with DIY bookshelves black

You can get really creative with the purchase of some coffee tables. Cut them in half and attach them to the wall. Remember that you can always paint the table thus to achieve a fresh look. In all cases, this design will contribute to a surprise effect in your home.

Many of the now popular DIY include galvanized pipes to projects. The shown below industrial Bookshelf shows this very clearly. Here, we used predominantly earthy wood to achieve a particularly warm atmosphere.

Wood racks give heat the room

space with DIY bookcase wood book

This next DIY shelf placed on the use of small pieces of wood. They are piled together to support the top of this Board.

Be creative

room DIY bookcase wood

For small sized shelf projects, which are just as stylish as the great examples you can below be brought through the example on some wonderful ideas. Note how the ends of the shelf with yellow color were sprinkled? Smart details make this project particularly special. Two screws in sheet provide a pleasant metallic touch. For more examples, see Camille Styles!

Rose refresh the wood shelf

space with DIY bookshelves roses vase wood

Try these ideas for transforming beautiful bookshelves

You are a fan of DIY projects and want to but not with the new projects start? Then, this part of the article is made for you!

Open shelves serve as decoration

room DIY bookshelves picture book

There’s something especially delightful to lend a personal character to something already finished.

Green shelves very soothing on the eyes

space with DIY bookshelves green

The first DIY project here has a sentimental touch. Old families were enlarged photos, and they fill the wall behind the shelves. Double-sided tape can be wonderful for fixing this. This is a unique and beautiful statement, don’t you find?

Make baskets and vases on the shelves

space with DIY bookshelves Orange basket white

Yes, we know: you can either left or right without anyone seeing you an another Chevron pattern. Yet, somehow, the whole thing looks fresh and interesting, or? This effect is due to the application on a slatted shelf. You just need spray and a roll of colored tape. The result has momentum, right?

Orange shelves full the ambience in the room

space with DIY bookshelves Orange basket

The DIY projects are so wonderfully accurate, because you can reach wonderful results with just a little time. Where is the secret to success? Wrapping paper, which it provides with two side mounting squares.

Do you have idea would you like to have a Make Over?

The Washi can be tape your friends here! Here one has a wonderful Framework managed it. The result is a stylish, feminine and expressive neon!

At the end we provide is a book project, which is simple and adorable at the same time. Sometimes it is as simple as attaching some painted boxes on the wall.

Bottom draw as much as you want of the ideas and master your own wonderful DIY projects. We are looking forward to your wonderful results.

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